Of course I love you Part 1

Anandi and shiv were married now.They had just finished their marriage rituals in the comunity marriage.Few days ago Shiv had confessed his feelings to

anandi.Although anandi liked him n his cofession had stirred strage feelings in her she was unsure abt or rather shy abt her own feelings…she had always

respected shiv but now she had started to feel his physical attraction as well…like how cute he looked in black.And his deep voice was so sexy…she

often felt intoxicated by his musky cologn .

She caught herself from thinking further…she was in the middle of the ceremony.Their pheras done n sidoordaan done.They were declared man n wife.
Anandi was nervous it was all so unreal.She went to udaipur n completed other rituals in a daze…She n Shiv had hardly exhanged a word so she was unsure

how he would be feeling.Finally at night she was seated in beautifuly decorated room.Her heart was beating like a superfast train she had never pondered over

this aspect of marriage her akwardness and strange attraction towards shiv were making things difficult.Shiv was pushed into the room by giggling ashi n

sachi.He stood in the room blushing profusely.He came n sat near her.anandi looked at his red face.He said “ummm well Anandiji I know its an akward

situation but dont worry I will sleep on the sofa u sleep here.”

Anandi looked at him starled…he had told her tht he loved her so why this formality.She said “why will u sleep on sofa ? U sleep here on the bed.”
shiv said “but u wont be comfortable on sofa anandiji”
Anandi said “nobody will sleep on the sofa.This bed is big enough we can fit in.”she thought is this guy for real.Shiv said “u dont have any objection…I

mean I know we r …ummm still not tht close.”

Anandi said “I trust u shiv” she thought to herself “But I dont trust myself”

They laid to sleep on the opp sides facing opp direction.Anandi thought “aise to bade intelligent lagte hain but cant catch signals”
Shiv was thinking “This is really hard…God I hope anandi dosent misunderstand me I dont wanna sacre her…but she is really cute…uff only I knw she is

so irrestible.”


After few days they were back in jaitser circuit house.The akwardness of staying together was still there plus there was a growing physical awareness between

them which they didnt know how to handle.Anandi used to get strange feeling whenever they were alone or they touched accidently.She had forgotten these

feelings long time ago ever since Jagya left her…All those were coming back to her.


One morning Anandi was busy preparing the breakfast Shiv was in the bathroom shaving.She went into the room to get something and heard an “Ouch”
She rushed inside the bathroom.Shiv was shirtless dressed only in his trackpants.His face was half covered with shaving cream and he was touching his cheek with a painful expression.She was taken aback by his shirtless state.
But she controlled herself and saw a cut on his cheek.

She said “Oh no u have a cut..come I’ll attand to it”
Shiv looked at her he didnt realise tht she had come in.Feeling self conscious he said “No its ok its just a scratch”
Anandi saw a drop of blood oozing out from the wound.She flinched She couldnt bear to see him hurt in anyways…
She said “aise kaise…come out.I will bring 1st aid box.”
She got into her strict mode.Shiv just looked at her dumbly as she fetched the 1st aid box…

She cleaned his wound with a cotton and applied antiseptic on it.
All this while Shiv was staring her…her hands touched his bare shoulderd and he shuddered.
She said “now its fine…see u should be careful…and perhaps we should get injection too”
Shiv turned pale “No not the injection please”
Anandi gave a smile “I know ur scared of injection…but we should be on the safe side…dont worry I will ask lal singh to be gentle”
Shiv said “I got my last injection hardly 6 months back its not required”
Anandi gave a thoughtfull look she did some mental calculation.

Shiv watched her eyebrows knitted in concentration…He had a sudden urge to grab her n kiss her senseless.He shook tht thought away “Wat would anandi think”

She said “Ur right…chalo this time ur saved from injection” and laughed
Shiv smiled at her…She felt conscious of his stare and stopped laughing.They looked at each other for sometime…Anandi blushed his bare arms and chest

were just irrestible.She wondered how would it feel if those bristling body hairs rubbed her body…she blushed deep and shook away tht thought.

She looked here and there n said “I will wait for u at the breakfast table”
She litrally ran out of the room.
Shiv looked at her curiously she seemed different today

After getting ready they had their breakfast and left for their respective workplaces.Anandi was back in afternoon and she was still in process of setting up

the house.

Shiv entered the house in evening.He looked for Anandi in the kitchen.She was not there…he wondered where she might have gone.He looked around and entered

his room.He saw Anandi was standing on a stool trying to fix the curtains…her hands were stretched up and she was busy putting the curtains in the rings…Shiv

sould see her smooth waist and back…He looked at her transfixed.She was beautiful…he thought how would if feel if he touched her waist.He reprimed

himself again on his thoughts.

Suddenly she tripped and was about to fall from the stool.Shiv was immediately near her and caught her fall.She screamed and fell n in his arms.She was startled

from the fall and clutched him tight her face buried in his chest.

Slowly she looked up and saw Shiv looking down at her with an amused expression.
She realised tht she was in her arms and she blushed crimson..she could smell his cologn and it was driving her crazy.


Shiv didnt want to let her go…he thought “She light as a flower”
She said “Please put me down”
Shiv samiled and said “Wat were u doing Anandi…agar aap gir jati to ?”
She said “U were there to save me na”

Shiv smiled and put her down.he said “U could have waited for me I would have done it after coming back …wat were u doing anyways?”
Anandi said “changing the curtains”

Shiv said “From now on no need to do any stunts…if U need some work tell me I will do it.I dont want u injuring urself”
She said “Ok…lets have dinner now”


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