Of course I love u part 2

Shiv followed her to the kitchen…the feeling of holding her still lingering around him.He started helping her in laying the table.
Anandi said “Arre I am doing it u go n sit”
Shiv said “I like helping u out n waise bhi I will get bored alone on the table”
Anandi felt touched at his gesture…sometime he was just sooo sweet.

After dinner they sat an talked abt various things…Anandi was going towards the kitchen when suddenly electricity went off.

It was pitch dark.She heard Shiv say “Are u ok Anandi?”
She replied “Yes…I didnt know tht electricity goes off on circuit house too”
He said “Well some time it goes off…Dont worry I will do something”
He bumbled in the dark looking for his mobile…meanwhile Anandi also walked towards him.They bumped into each other and he caught her again from falling.
Anandi felt a jolt when he touched her.
He laughed “Anandi wat would u do without me”
She said “Wo bas…its too dark so I bumped”
She asked him “Dont u have lantern”
He replied “I dont know never needed it…Usually the generator starts by now dont know why its taking time.Let me check”
She said “Well its too dark to check it…U have any idea where laltern might be ?
He said “U can check the storeroom..its in basement…but wait dont go alone…I will take u there”.

He took a torch n they proceeded towards the basement.He held Anandi’s hands and they walked gingerly on the steps leading to the basement.
It was a typical dusty storeroom and Anandi reminded herself to get this mess cleaned up next day.She started looking around…Shiv was walking behind her…Suddenly she scremed and clutched Shiv’s Arms…He asked “Wat happened?”
She had buried her face in his arms and just pointed towards a pile of junk.
He pointed the torch in tht direction and saw a mouse scuttling away.
He tried to control his laughter and asked “U were scared of tht ?”
She looked up and nodded “Yes”
He said “So sarpanch of jaiter is sacred of a mouse” and laughed
She replied “I am not scared of them but they r so icky…Ouch!!”

She hugged him harder.
He said “Wat now?”
She replied “mouse ran over my toe…”

He mentally thanked the mouse and said still laughing “I am here…I wont let tht little mouse harm u…btw wat all things r u scared of ?”
She asked “Why?”
He said “I will invite all of them in the house”
She hit him playfully.

She was still pressed in his arms.He gently hugged her back.
She could hear his increased heartbeat and she thought “well he not totally unaware of me”
He gently patted her head…he was aware of her.He felt his heartbeat quicken and didnt want to let her go.His mind was still conflicting how would Anandi react if he touched her…He was very cautious not to hurt her but this moment was difficult to control.His hands slowly started to move along her arms.
He wondered how thin her waist was..he could easily wrap her in his one arm.

Anandi felt electric currents in her body…she liked the feeling of being wrapped in his arms.

She looked up at him.She could barely see his expressions in the dim torchlight but just being in his arms made her giddy.
She blushed.He looked down at her with a strange expression.Slowly his hands touched her face and she closed her eyes.His hands cupped her face and her lips parted in expectation.They could feel each other’s breath.Their lips were almost touching.His mind had stopped functioning he automatically bent his head and their lips met.Rest all was pure firework.
Anandi shuddered and slowly her lips started responding to his pressure.Colors seemed to swirl in front if her eyes.Then shiv felt a blinding light.He opened his eyes.Electricity had come back.Shiv broke the kiss…he released anandi.
Anandi opened her eyes she was crimson n just looked blankly at Shiv she was still trying to think wat just happened.Shiv looked shocked, and confused…he was unsure of anandi’s reaction he loved her but didnt want to possess her by force…and his impulsive action could make things worse.He was scared of hurting her…Feeling unsure he just looked down n said “I m sorry…I didnt mean to…”

He just walked away.
Anandi stared after him…she felt confused too…he had told her tht he loved her so why this ?
Was he having 2nd thoughts?

She pondered for sometime she recalled Shiv’s pained expression…I hope he dosent misunderstand.
She went up after him.She looked around and saw him standing in the balcony staring outside.
Shiv felt a tap on his shoulders He turned around n saw anandi standing next to him.He looked down again.
Anandi said “what happened? Why r u looking so sad?”
he said “Andndiji I m sorry I didnt mean to…I mean I know we r married but I dont want to force u for aything”
anandi said “why do u think like tht…u didnt force me at all “
Shiv said “I know ur not ready I should not hav lost control like this”
Anandi just looked at him trying to make sense …so he was sad because he thought tht he had hurt her !
Tht means he wants me too but is unsure of my feelings.
Shiv contiued his self pity ranting.Anandi placed her fingures on his lips.
Shiv stopped talking.She said “collector sahab before u speak I hav to tell u something”

She took a deep breath n said “I love u…perhaps I should have told this to u long time ago but never had the courage…I didnt marry u to fulfill some promise or a duty…I married u coz I love u “
Shiv just looked at her flabbergasted.
His heart was singing He wanted to skip n jump.
He said “U really love me ?”
anandi said “of course I love u”

Anandi took his hands and placed it on her heart.She said “do u feel my heartbeat ? It quickens whenever ur near me…day n night I keep thinking of u…I badly miss u wen I am away frm u…infact now I cant live without u”
Shiv looked at her his eyes filled with emotion…Anandi smiled at him n blushed…she hugged him n put her head on his chest.
He hugged her back…he said “n we wasted so much time being unsure abt each other’s feelings”
Anandi giggled n said “we have our whole lives now to be together”
Shiv said “starting now”

He hugged her closer and placed a kiss on her forehead.anandi blushed and said “btw in the store room u didnt hurt me”
Shiv smiled n said “Thanks to tht mouse”
Anandi hit him playfully.He laughed n they went in the room.Anandi said “Well now tht our confusion is cleared up I need to tell u something important…Tomm I am gonna start the storeroom cleanup process.I never knew circuit house has such big kabadkhana..I will need help infact I was thinking to call dadisa she may send someone to help…”

Shiv looked at her amused…She was talking non stop abt her safai abhiyaan…I mean She had just confessed her love now her mind was immediately on other things…He looked at her ranting for sometime…he thought “God she is so cute…how to make her stop talking”
He just held her waist…by the other hand he caught her head and placed his lips over her mouth.
Anandi was too shocked to respond she muffled for sometime then relaxed…her hands wrapped around his neck.She automatically started running her fingures through his hair.

After an eternity he broke the kiss and looked at her flushed face…He had a slight smile on his face…
Anandi was still in a daze…slowly she realised wat had just happened…She was breathless as was Shiv…
She just blurted out “Collector sahab …app..kya..”
Shiv placed a fingure on her lips and said “Shhh…no collectore sahab only Shiv..just call me Shiv”
She blushed and said “Ok..Sh..Shiv…I..I mean I was talking abt…umm I forgot wat was I talking abt ?”
Shiv laughed “Well good u forgot…I kissed u just to make u quite”
Anandi felt a little dissapointed.
She said “Well u could have just told me to be quite”
Shiv cupped her face and said “Actually I kissed u because I wanted to kiss u…I love u anandi”
Anandi said “I know”

He looked down at her n said asked “Do u love me?”
She said “Of course I love u !” and hugged him.He held her palms and brought it to his lips..he kissed her hands…she blushed and tried to pull away …he held it tight and kissed trail of kissed up her wrist..hands..arms..shoulders and finally nibbled her ears..
Anandi was blushing like mad.She enjoyed the sensation but was feeling shy too.
He turned her face towards him and whispered “Anandiji I love u but if ur not ready…”

Anandi placed a fingure on his lips and said “Anandiji nahi only Anandi”
Then feeling bold she reached up and placed a kiss on his lips.
Shiv smiled and understood…he carried her in his arms and placed her on the bed…his eyes were smouldering and Anandi’s mind just went blank…she just wanted to stay in his arms forever.
What happened next was inevitable…They joinned their bodies and soul truly in thores of passion.

After few hours Anandi nestled sleepily in his arms…He placed a kiss on her forehead and covered them with the bedsheet.
Anandi mumbled I love u in her sleep.Shiv smiled and hugged her tighter…He was at peace now..they both truly loved each other.



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