Morning encounter

Well lack of AnSh romance make me really frustated n this is the result of tht

Humming to herself Anandi took out her new dark green saari.She had gone shopping with Ira last week n Ira had bought a stack of designer saaries for her.
Looking into the mirror anandi gave finishing touches to her hair.She had panchayat meeting to attend.She usually left with Shiv in morning.
Shiv came out of her bathroom toweling his hair…he went to his cupboard and started to get dressed…He stopped midway when he saw deep expanse of Anandi’s back turned towards him.She looked different today…probably it was the color..deep green she had never wore tht color before…

He called out “Anandi”
She turned towards him “yes?”
Knocked out of his breath he stared at her…all morning rush gone out of his mind…Her wet hairs encircled her face.
She caught  him staring at her n she blushed..
He asked “New saari?”
Anandi nodded…”Ur lookin very nice…it suits u”
Anandi smiled.
Shiv said “Please come here…I hav to show u something”
Anandi looked at him suspiciously “wat u want to show ?”
Shiv said “Aap aaiye to idhar I hav to show u how messy my cupboard is”
Anandi went towards him muttering “Howz tht possible I arranged it yest itself”
She peeped in and said “its perfectly fine “
Shiv smirked ” U havent applied lipstick right?”
Anandi looked at him surprised “not yet why?”

He caught her waist n brought her close “because I didnt want to spoil it” He closed his lips on hers and engaged her in a passionate kiss.The kiss lingered longer and it grew in intensity…Soon his hands were roaming on her back…circling her arms arnd his neck she clutched his hairs.As he deepened the kiss she felt her pallu slipping and his hand struggling with her hooks…

She broke the kiss “Office nahi jana kya?..this is not the time for all this”
He gave a naughty smile “Umm maybe I shld take half day leave today”
Anandi said “fine ur the boss do wat u wnat but I hav work..U see I hav meeting with the collector and panchayat…and If I am late then collector will be very angry”

Shiv looked thoughtfully “Hmmm Dont worry collector bhi aaj late hone wale hain..Btw we do hav time for something”
He grabbed her closer…burying his head in her neck…placing small kisses over it…
Anandi moaned and forgot all abt work..
she felt her back touching the bed…His bare body covered her tasting and teasing her everywhere.Relieving her of her gress dress.

She arched her back in reaction to his teasing.Within minutes they were rolling and thrashing under the sheets.Their passion getting better off their common sense.

After sometime..She rested against his chest breathing hard…”I am never going to wear tht green saari again…u just go crazy” She said looking at the green pile on the floor.
He laughed “My reaction was not because of ur dress…Its because I love u and cant seem to have enough of u”
She blushed and kissed him on his chest “I love u too”

He looked at the watch n jumped “Oh no..I am gonna be royally late today”
She laughed “And who’s fault is that?”
He said “ok madam meri galti hai…now get ready fast..I dont have time for breakfast…will hav it in office”

They got ready at record speed and Shiv drove the jeep like mad…Anandi tried not to smile…
He dropped her at her office and drove off.

Later during the day…She reached his office with other panchayat people…He was in no nonsense serious mood.Discussing the latest project..Giving away no hint of their morning encounter.
“Is he the same person?”Anandi thought.

“Ok I think we hav covered everything…Anandiji I wld like to see its report withing next two days” He said
Anandi nodded “Sure U will get it on time…So we shall leave now”
Everyone started to leave…Anandi lingered a little longer and gave a covert glance at him.
She caught him staring at her with a slight smile on his lips.
She smiled back as if sharing a conspiracy.

“Goodbye Shiv See u in evening ” She said
He replied with a slow smile “Sure see u in evening”


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