Desert Rain

“Collector Sahab aur kitna time lagega ?”
“There goes my another Rs500” Shiv said ruefully

Anandi giggling “Ok Shiv how long?”

Shiv said “Well we r halfway through…4-5 more hours”
Anandi said “Tht long !! but whenever we travelled I didnt realise tht Udaipur is this far frm jaitser”

Shiv smirked “Because U blissfully sleep through the journey on my shoulders..Kabhi jaag ker apne travel kiya hi nahi hai”

Anandi blushed “Accha wo actually we usually travel in night mujhe need aa jati hai”
Shiv laughed “Its ok..Btw how come ur still awake ?”

Anandi said sheepishly “ye bhi koi sone ka time hai its 7 pm…Today we left early na thts why”
Shiv and Anandi were travelling back to Jaitser frm their weekly visit to Udaipur.They had left early and were due to arrive in jaitser late in the night.
Its been 1 months since their wedding and although they were in process of being physically comfortable…Anandi was yet to confess her true feelings..she was head over heels in love with Shiv now and was cursing they day wen he had taken tht promise not to touch her…
He was taking his vow rather too seriously..If only he understood her mental termoil.She looked at his handsome profile frm the corner of her eyes.He turned towards her raising his eyebrow.
Anandi blushed n looked ahead..She repeated the same thing again…He smirked and turned frm his steering “Wat r u looking at ?? u wanna say something ?”

Anandi shook her head “No nothing”

Shiv said “Hmmm I think I know ur prob…ur hungry right ??…its almost dinner time”
Anandi rolled up her eyes…did he ever think of anything else besides food !!

He continued saying “I know a very good dhaba on this way…we’ll stop there for dinner”
Anandi just nodded n pondered how come her husband suddenly became so dumb.
He took a short road away frm the they were driving through the sand dunes.After some time they stopped near a dhaba.The charpoyies were arranged on the sandy land.And she could see a huge bonfire in the middle some traditional dancers lazying around…they seemed to be preparing for a performance.
Anandi looked arnd in wonder then back at Shiv.He smile n said “Its nice isnt it? Mahi n me used to come here on bikes during my collage days”

They took their seats on a charpoyi under the starry sky.The air was slightly chilly and there was smell or rain.

Shiv orders their food…Anandi was still looked arnd in wonder.
Shiv said “If I knew tht after coming here u will stop staring at me mein yahan aata hi nahi”
Anandi looked at him surprised “wen did I stare at u?”
Shiv said “Jhoot bolne se naak phul jati hai…werent u staring at me in the jeep?” he gave a naughty smile.

Anandi blushed crimson n said “I hav no idea wat ur talking abt”
Shiv smirked “Naak phul geyi aapki”(ur nose has blown up)

Anandi glared angrily at him…thankfully their food arrrived and they got distracted.
Shiv happily gobbled his food.He continued praising the food and anandi just looked at him…His smile..his eyes..his lips..She stopped and looked down.
Shiv bit his tougue to stop himself frm smiling…He had been noticing Anandi’s changed behaviour since last few days…she was not as unaffected as she pretended to be.The sound of drums and music started..They turned towards the performers…A group of traditional dancers started dancing around the bon fire.
Anandi smiled widely and looked excited at the dancers…She was so lost in the music tht she didnt realise she was tapping her foot and moving on the rhythm.
Shiv looked at her amused..

he broke her reveire saying “u want to join them ?”
Anandi looked startled n said “No its ok…I am having fun”
Shiv said “Anandi I know U love dancing…will u join me?”

Anandi’s eyes popped out in surprise “Wat !! u will dance ??”

Shiv laughed and nodded..he took her hand and led her towards the dancing grp…He joinned the grp and easily copied their moves.

Moh re liya tanney aesa khela daav
Khaavey hichkoley mahaarey mann ki naav
Moh re liya tanney aesa khela daav
Khaavey hichkoley mahaarey mann ki naav
Thaari saraarat sabb jaanu main chaudhari
Mahaarey se levo na panga ji main kehan lagi

Mahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkani
Rae chandaa main thaari chandni
Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi
Rae jhoom, jhoom, jhoom jhoom baa jhoom!

sang the singer…Anandi joinned and they moves and gyrated on the music…

Daal bhaati khale aakey mahaarey gaanv
Ghannaa ghera dala thara chokhaa chadhaa chaav
Daal bhaati khale aakey mahaarey gaanv
Ghannaa ghera dala thara chokhaa chadhaa chaav
Thaari saraarat sabb jaanu main chaudhari
Mahaarey se levo na panga ji main kehan lagi

Mahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkani
Rae chandaa main thaari chandni
Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi
Rae jhoom, jhoom, jhoom jhoom baa jhoom!

Mahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkani
Rae chandaa main thaari chandni
Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi
Rae jhoom, jhoom, jhoom jhoom baa jhoom!

Anandi was swirling round and suddenly she bumped with Shiv…She placed his hands on his chest for support and stood still…He had also stopped and had held her waist to support her fall.
He was looking down at her…she looked in his eyes and instantly forgot everything…they stood in tht eye lock totally obvious of the surrounding…drops of rain began to fall..not heavily but in slight drizzle.

He kept looking at her face it had a slight flush and a drop of rain rolled down her forehead her cheeks and reached her lips…he had sudden desire to catch in with his lips.
But he closed his eyes breaking the eye contact…
Anandi looked at his pained look…his wet hairs hanging on his forehead she wasted to brush it aside…
He opened his eyes n said “Lets go its raining”

Anandi stood still…perhaps this was the moment she was waiting for
She said “U cant dance right?? so how come”
Shiv said “I know dancing very well but never got chance to dance with someone special before”

Anandi said “u danced in our sangeet”
He replied “yeah coz I was dancing with u”

Anandi blushed.It had started to rain harder all the dancers and people had moved away.They were alone in the middle of a desert.The fire reduced to cinders due to rain.But it was not bothering anandi.Probably it was due to all this excitement or dancing or the music…She had to tell her feelings to Shiv.
He grabbed her hands and geatured her to move away frm rain.
She resisted and Shiv asked “wat?’
Anandi said “mujhe kuch kehna hai Collector sahab”

He said “Now?? can we talk in the car”
anandi said “No I have to say this now”
He looked puzzled at her.
She said “Shiv Raj shekhar aap jaana chante the na ki mein aapse kitna pyaar karti hoon?…Bahut jayada…mein aapse sabse jayada pyaar karti hoon”(u wanted to know how much I love u…I luve u the most..more than anything)

Shiv just looked at her…he wanted to hear those words since forever but never thought it wld come out so unexpected.He was perplexed to see tears in her eyes.
She came forward n collapsed in his arms.She hugged him tightly and said “I am sorry I took so long to say this.I shld have said it earlier..I love u Shiv”
He wanted to hug her back…take her deep in his embrace but he was unsure wat shld he do.Anandi looked up n said “app apni kasam tod dijiye please.”(please brk ur promise)

Shiv grinned and circled his arms arnd her…first time he took her in his arms without any misgivings.She rested her face on his chest listening to his heartbeat…totally obvious of the rain the desert…She felt safe in his strong arms everything else didnt matter.
Finally after an eternity he loosened his grip n lifted up her chin with his fingures..
He simply said “Thanks u”
Anandi blushed
He asked “Shall we go ? or we’ll be drenched”
Anandi nodded and they left towards their car holding their hands.

Part 2

Shiv and Anandi got into their car and looked at each other…Anandi blushed…Shiv had a huge grin pasted on his face…they were slightly wet due to rain…Anandi shivered a little.
Shiv asked “R u cold?”
Anandi said “No I am fine…bas thodi si bheeg geyi hoon”
Shiv said “Ok Lets go home fast else we might get stuck in this rain n not sure if we’ll get a hut to stay over”
Anandi smiles at him n took a yawn.

After few hours Shiv pulled into their Circuit house…He looked at Sleeping Anandi.As usual she had falled asleep.He stifled a laugh and grazed his knuckles over her cheeks.She remained unaffected.He smiled.
He contemplated waking her but decided otherwise.He gently picked her up frm her seat and carried her inside the house.She snuggled closer in his chest.He laid her on the bed n saw that her saari was slightly wet.
He thought “Shld I take it off” blushing deep at the possibilities.
“Its better to wake up anandi n ask her to change”…he called out her name.
Anandi continued her deep slumber.

Shiv shook her shoulders…Anandi caught his hands took a turn and pinned it beneath herself.With Shivers running down his spine Shiv sat on the bed and tried to pry out his hands from her grip.

Anandi mumbled in her sleep “Plz Shiv mat jaiye na kahi”
Shiv looked at her amused “mein kaha ja raha hoon btw kyun nahi jaun?”
Anandi muttered “Coz I love u..please stay with me”
Shiv grinned and tugged out his hands from her grip.
Anandi woke up with a start..She looked wide eyed at Shiv n asked “mein yahan kaise aayi?? wat happened?”
Shiv laughed “Nothing U slept in the car as usual and I carried u inside”
Anandi blushed “Oh why did u carry me ?”
he said “u wanted to sleep in the car?”
She said “No I mean u could hav woken me up”
Shiv said “Thts wat I hav been trying to do..But u can give competition to kumbhakaran in sleeping..”

Anandi made a face “Ji aisa kuch nahi hai…I am little tired today”
Shiv laughed “Sure aap ko jitna sona hai aap aaram se soyeye but ur saari is wet so better change nahi uthi to shayad ye kaam bhi mujhe hi karna padta” he gave her  naughty smile.
Anandi turned crimson…She mumbled “I’ll go n change” n ran towards the washroom.She caught her breath n tried to control her thumping heart.
After changing she came out.Shiv had changed and was laying the bed…
Anandi noticed the single quilts…She picked up the quilts and replaced it with one double quilt.Shiv looked at her n raised an eyebrow.
Anandi said “I think we can manage in one quilt”

Shiv gave her a naughty smile.Anandi could hear patter of rain on the window…same as her heartbeat…She just stood nervously contemplating his next step.
Shiv came near her…lifted up her chin with his fingures and said “Dont worry if ur having second thoughts mein phir se kasam kha leta hoon”
Anandi smiled gazed deeply in his eyes and said “nahi..aap ab koi kasam nahi lenge..bahut intezaar karwaya hai maine aapko..ab koi dooriyan nahi hongi hamare beech”

Shiv smiled and hugged her.She clasped her arms arnd him,her head resting on his chest listening to his heartbeat…It was also thumping hard just like hers.
Suddenly they were disturbed by the ringing of phone.Anandi’s phone was ringing.She looked up at him.he just shrugged “Let it go”
Anandi said “Ma ka hua to?”
He said “Dont worry she’ll understand”

Anandi gave a stern look and wriggled out from his grip only to be stopped again…Shiv had caught her wrists and was looking at her with a naughty smile.
Anandi struggled to release her wrists “chodiye bhi na…pata nahi kiska phone hai..Ma ka hua to kya soochengi wo”

Shiv didnt reply instead he tightened his grip on her wrists and pulled her back.She bumped into his chest and there was a cracking sound…some of her bangles broke due to the impact and Shiv’s tight grip…

Shiv immediately released her hands and looked concerned at Anandi “Ur not hurt na?”
Anandi was shaking off the broken bangles “No I am ok..See wat u did u broke my bangles”

Shiv said “I am sorry I’ll get u more bangles”

Anandi took advantage of the situation n ran off to pick her phone.It was Ira on the other side…Anandi quickly finished her convo with her.
She turned to see tht Shiv had also arrived near her.She said “Ma ka tha..It was good tht I talked to her she was worried weather we reached safely…app bhi na…sometimes baccho jaisi harkatein karte hain…”

Shiv looked at her with an amused smile…he barely heard her he was busy looking at her beautiful eyes…her shinning face and oh so lucious lips…

He put a fingure on her lip..Anandi stopped speaking her breath caught..She just stared at him…He had tht adoring look on his face which used to scare her but not this time.She blushed and looked down…his hands went around her waist and brought her closer..She could feel his breath on her face.He removed his fingure from her lips and cupped her face..bringing her closer.
She closed her eyes in anticipation and soon she felt his soft lips on hers.He revoked those sensation which were long dead inside her.

He continued his gentle pressure and Anandi felt herself being lifted and then lowered on the bed…but she was too lost in savouring the kiss.
When he suddenly left her lips she opened her eyes already missing his soft lips.
She looked at him…he had a smouldering look.
Anandi turned crimson and didnt know where to look.
He said “Anandi look at me”

She gingerly looked back at him…”U want this?”
Blushing even further she nodded..Shiv’s face split into a wide smile.He bent his head this time kissing the pulse beating at the base of her neck.
His gentle kisses grew into a nuzzling and was soon nibbling her neck..her ears and shoulder.
Her hands caressed his hairs.Soon he was over her pinning her beneath him.
He captured her lips again his hands pinning her wrists on either side of her.

There was another cracking sound…They broke the kiss and looked at Anandi’s hands which were in his grip…several of her bangles had broken and were now strewn on the bed.

Anandi asked “Shiv careful U’ll be hurt..appko lagi to nahi na”
He said “no… Ur ok na”
She sat up and checked her wrists…thankfully there were no cuts.”I better take them off” she started to take them off.
Shiv stopped her “May I ?”
She blushed n nodded…He gently caressed her hands and removed the bangles.He kissed her bare wrists and proceeded to place little kisses on her hands arms.
Its was too much to take…he had intoxicating affect on her.He proceeded to place kisses on her back tugging at her dories and loosening them.

Anandi shivered with every stratagically placed kiss on her body.She nearly jumped when he kissed her on her waist.She hid her face in his chest n hugged him tight. Shiv gently held her and caressed her hairs.
Anandi said “Shiv”
Shiv replied “hmmm”
Anandi said “Shiv I love u”
Shiv chuckled “I know I love u too”

Anandi looked trailed her fingure over his jawline.She felt his slight stubble.She thought how would it feel scraping on my skin.She blushed at the thought.
Shiv bent down his head and his lips were on hers.Very gently his lips started working on hers.She returned the sweet pressure of his lips.
Soon their initial gentleness gave way to intense frenzy n they soon joined together in mutual climax.

later after the final barrier had been broken and Anandi was stated lying on his chest inside their common quilt.She thought “wat was I afraid of?? this feels so right and complete”
She smiled at her sleeping husband.He looked happy and relaxed.
She reached up her lips grazed his stubble.
He smiled …anandi said “U didnt sleep?”
He opened his eyes and looked at her “How can I sleep wen ur near me”
She said “Accha pehle kaise sote the?”

He replied “Hmmm Dont ask” and grinned at her.
He snuggled closer to her covering them in the quilt.He took a yawn..Anandi ruffled his hairs “Now go to sleep..It pretty late”
Soon Anandi’s eyes also dropped shut..She was safe secured in his arms.

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