Broken button part 2

Anandi kept staring at the road long after the jeep had departed.
She shook herself from her day dreaming…”Wats wrong with me?” She thought…she felt hoards of butterflies in her stomach.She took a deep breath and got busy in her work.She was still on vacation from her school work.
She decided to cook Shiv’s favourite dishes for dinner.

She recalled he said he’ll come back early n for some unknowed reason she blushed.
She scolded herself “Get a grip”
Few hours later she saw Shiv calling on her phone..She smiled and said “Yes collector sahab”
He said in his familier husky  voice “Anandji I might be little late today although I m

trying…but there’s an important meeting..I hope U dont mind”
Anandi said “Its ok collector sahab.I know u have to catchup with pending work.take ur time”
He replied “thanks for understanding”
He cut the call and Anandi felt little dissapointed.
She scolded herself again..”He is busy why am I feeling dissapointed”

By evening Anandi was restless she was pondering over the morning incident and now thinking back it gave her cold feet.She admitted tht she was attracted to Shiv but taking the next step

was making her nervous…She never thought of him in “That” way and didnt know how Shiv would react or how she should react.
Who would initiate and how..wat if Shiv didnt want to and she misunderstood his reaction.”But he married me.So..” She blushed again.

She took her fav book and decided to wait for Shiv.
It was after 9 pm when Shiv returned back.He thought “Anandi must hav been waiting for me.Too bad I got late”

He opened the door with his keys and went in..he looked around for anandi.His jaws fell when he saw her sleeping on the living room sofa clutching a book.
His breathing had stopped…he just stood there staring at her.Her body relaxed her one hand hanging out from the sofa.
Shiv realised his chest had tightened n his throat was dry…He immediately took a gulp of air..he had stopped breathing for a minute.
He could feel the atmosphere turn too hot for him…
He shook his head and kept away his laptop bag and sat near Anandi.
He contemplated wat to do.”Should I wake up Anandiji..No she might be tired..but she’ll be uncomfortable here.Shld I carry her to the bedroom”
He turned pink at the thought…

She was looking beautiful her ankle were exposed and he saw his gifted payals in her ankles.He smiled and tucked in a stary lock of hair behind her ears…She snuggled closer and his hands brushed her soft cheeks..He felt shock and immediately removed his hands.he just wanted to grab her and…

He closed his eyes n thought “control urself Shiv”
He took her hanging hand and slowly placed it on her.Sleepily she caught his hands and pinned it to her chest.
Shiv’s blood began racing…his arms were touching her body…he could feel her softness and warmth..”God help me he thought”
He tried to jerk away his hands when Anandi woke up…She looked at him startled..He tilted his head to one side and gave her an amused smile.

She saw his hands pinned by her…she immediately let it go n turning beetroot red she said “Aap…wen did u come? dont know wen I dozed off..I m sorry u had to wait”
Shiv laughed n said “relax dont worry the pleasure was all mine”
Anandi felt heat creeping up her face…he was simply gazing at her.
Anandi said without looking at him “I’ll arrange the dinner u freshen up n come”
She started to get up…Shiv held her hand n made her sit again…”wait Anandiji…I just came back please talk to me for sometime…dinner can wait”
Anandi looked at him stumped she sat down n looked at him with wide eyes.
He said “I m sorry I m late the meeting got extended…”
Anandi was busy looking at his profile n his 5 o clock stubble…he looked tired but very handsome.”Anandiji did u hear wat I said”
Anandi suddenly became alert…”yeah…its probs…U look tired freshen up.lets hav dinner”

Shiv gave her a dazzling smile “sure as u wish”

He got up n left..leaving behind breathless Anandi.
She collected her wits and went into the kitchen…she was laying the table wen Shiv jounned her…he was fresh out of the shower…his hairs all tousled n wet…she could smell his musky scent…suddenly the room seemed charged up…He sat down n looked at still gaping anandi.”Anandiji please take ur seat…u want to eat standing?” he smiled.
Anandi came to her senses n sat down…She quietly served him dinner.Shiv stole a look at her frm beneath his lashes…he had a smug smile..
He said “Wow Anandiji U have made all my fav things …anything special today?”
He gave a cocky smile


Anandi gave back an nervous smile n said “No nothing..Just like tht”
They continued eating and Shiv continued his usual talks..Anandi barely managed to say few words.

Shiv thought “Well Seems like Anandiji is also affected” He smiled to himself.
Later on when they retired to their room..Anandi was hastily dusting the bed changing the bedsheet…Shiv came in h said “May I help”
Anandi said “No its ok I’ll do it”
He held the other end of the bedsheet and helped her in folding.Anandi felt the room getting hotter…she just looked down and fumbled with the other end of the bedsheet..
Shiv said “Anandiji do u wnat to say smoething?”
She looked up n said “no nothing”
Shiv narrowed his gaze “R u sure anandiji ?”
She blushed n said “yeah nothing”
He pulled the sheet towards him..pulling along Anadi with it…She fell forward into his arms.He held her waist she was pinned to his chest.Her throat went dry..knocked out of her breath and she just looked at him gazing in his eyes.
Anandi flushed.


Shiv said “well will u please tell me wats in ur mind?”
Anandi’s mind had gone numb..she could barely think…his face was so close tht she could feel his breath on her face.
She said “I cant talk like this”
He gave an amused smile and released her “Ok now tell me wat is it?”
Anandi looked down nervously took a deep breath and said “Collector sahab Whn I married u It was a compromise for me.I regarded u as a friend and I was doubtful weather I will be able to love u and give u ur rights as a husband..but slowly I got to know how good ur patience ur understanding..the way u care for me..U have broken the wall which I had built around my heart and …I..”
She hid her face by her palms…”I cant say it..I dont know how to say this”
Shiv was looking intently at her…his heart was thumping hard and he was dying to hear it from Anandi’s lips.

He came near her and caught her hand..he removed her hands from her face and held up her chin.She looked up at him…he was gazing deep in her eyes.
Her heart was thumping away like train.
He said “Anandiji do u love me ?”
She looked startled…Did she?..she thought to herself..His nearness and tht musky smell was

intoxicating her…Slowly she nodded her head and blushed crimson.
Shiv wanted to skip n dance…he couldnt stop himself from grinning..”Andndiji please can u tell me this…I am dying to hear those words from u”

Anandi blushed n shook her head in a no gesture.
Shiv made a  puppy face n said “please anandiji”
She looked down n said “collector sahab I love u”
She turned crimson n her took her in his arms…She hid her face in his chest clutching his kurta.

Shiv said “U dont know today u hav given me the biggest happiness of my life…I had been waiting to hear this from u…Thank u so much”
Anandi felt as if she was floating on air…she felt relief finally her heart had accepted him…
They remained in each other’s embrace for sometime.After some time they began to feel a heat creeping up their bodies…Shiv’s hands trailed down and reached the hollow of her back.

Anandi looked up and saw tht he was looking intently at her…She smiled at him but his expression remained same.Anandi’s pulse had quickened she thought “why isnt he doing something?”
her lips parted automatically…His eyes lit up but he didnt make a move…Anandi looked at him puzzled.
His eyes were smouldering but he was resisting…
She raised an eyebrow…
He said “Anandiji R u sure? I mean I dont want to force u for anything”
Anandi said “First of all call me anandi..Aaj se sirf anandi..n secondly I have accpeted u with all my heart..I am all urs” she gave a wicked amile to him.
He said “wat r u doing to me anandi?”

he bent his head until his lips touched hers…She felt molten fire running through her body…He gently moulded her lips with his till she began to respond to his pressure.His hands clutched her face and he increased the intensity of the kiss…their tongues wreastled with each other…after an eternity he broke the kiss and looked at her…
She was breathing hard and her face was flushed.
She smiled her bewitching smile and stepped back from him…he looked at her puzzled..she gave a naughty smile turned around and began running..he looked at her flabbergasted..She went behind the bed and said “Collector sahab ur not going to get me so easily” and laughed
Shiv smiled and went after her…She laughed and ran..

He caught he soon she spun around struggling to get out of his grip…she tripped and was about to fall…Shiv immediately caught her…he too lost his balance they both fell on the bed.


He landed on his back with Anandi falling over him.
They both looked at each other and out of breath.She was in tight grip of his arms.Their minds

had stopped functioning.He just kept looking at her holding her.Her hairs were falling on his face , chest and her perfume was intoxicating him.
He slowly moved his hands up her back.He felt her smooth back and Anandi blushed.
He said “So who caught whom now?”

Her mind had gone wolly she just wanted to remain in his arms  forever and It didnt feel wrong at at It felt perfectly right.She had reached her rightful place.She was aware of his body encircling her and it made her nervous as well as excited her.


He flipped over so tht she was trapped beneath him now.She stopped struggling and just looked in his intese eyes..he bent his head and kissed the pulse beating at the hollow of her neck.She shuddered…he began placing small kisses on her throat.He captured her lips again.His hands began moving over her body exploring her.


After some time anandi lay sated and relaxed against his hard muscles.She had a glow on her face

and hair was messed up all over his chest.
She looked up at him and saw him gazing down at her with his usual amused smile.
He said “Wat r u thinking?”
She replied “I am thinking weather its a dream or reality”
He smiled “How does it matter…As long as ur happy in both” He placed a kiss on her forehead

“Are u happy Anandi?”
She said “yes…whatever happened in the past its gone…I dont have any regrets now.Now I am

glad to be with u..will u always love me like this”
He replied “of course..u have any doubts??..U dont know how much I love u anandi.I have loved u for a very long time..n it was worth the wait.”
Anandi blushed and placed her cheeks on his bare chest..his body hairs tickling her face and nose.He hugged her in his strong arms and Anandi said “I love u too collector sahab..I love u too”
This was just a happy begining for them.




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