Broken button part 1

I got this OS idea while sewing a collar button..LOL…and I need to vent out my frustation due to lack of ansh scenes…

Anandi n Shiv had moved into the cercuit house.Post marriage their life was going smoothly although they still had the akwardness of living together.Anandi was in kitchen busy preparing the breakfast.Shiv was in their room getting ready for office.He came out n smiled at Anandi who was laying the table.Anandi said”jaldi se breakfast ker lijiye collector sahab…ur getting late”

Shiv nodded n sat down…They were eating wen Anandi noticed Shiv’s collar button was missing.
She said “collector sahab ur shirt button is missing”
Shiv touched his shirt n asked where ?
Anandi replied “on ur collar”
Shiv said “well I will change the shirt then” and went in the room…but he couldnt find any other matching shirt
Anandi came running after him almost colliding into him.
Shiv caught her ” sambhal ker sarpanchji”

Anandi blushed n said “oops I forgot to tell u…I hav put all ur shirts for washing”
Shiv replied “ok leave it its a collar button nobody would notice”
Anandi replied “no collector sahab…It will look bad if sombody notices u just wait a min”

Shiv looked at her puzzled.Anandi took out her sewing box and took out a needle and a button .She said absent mindedly “take off ur shirt”
Shiv looked at her with a raised eyebrow n a smirk.
Anandi realized wat she just said …she blushed n said “ummm leave it I will sew ur button u stand still “
She came near him n placed the button on his collar…Shiv was simply looking at her.She was so near to him tht he could feel her breath on his throat n her sweet perfume was intoxicating him.
Anandi was having same effect…his masculine colone was making her uneasy.She took a gulp n concentrated on sewing the button but his nearness was making the task really difficult.Shiv thought “wat if place my hands on her waist will she get angry?”
Anandi could feel his gaze burning her…she said “please tilt ur head up u might get hurt”

Shiv obediently tilted his head up.She could now see the column of his throat his slightly bulging adams apple few rings of his cest hairs which started at the end of his collar and went inside his shirt…Anandi had sudden urge to run her hands over it.She chided herself…this is worse…

she looked at the button with full concentration…but Shiv was too distracting.Suddenly Shiv heard an ouch.He looked down.Anandi was looking at her fingure a drop of blood glistening on it.His expression changed to concern.He said “oh no Anandi ur hurt”

on impulse he took her figure and put it in his mouth sucking it.Anandi felt a jolt in her body…not because of pain. The pain was long forgotten but the effect which Shiv was having on her was uncomparable.her fingure was caught in his lip!!!!

She turned red n just stared at him with wide eyes.Shiv looked at her n realized what he had been doing.He blushed n released her fingure still holding her hands he said “I m sorry I just…well I couldnt see u in pain”
Anandi smiled still blushing she said “Its ok I m was just a prick and no need to say sorry.”
Shiv nodded n turned to go.Anandi said “wait I hav to cut the thread”

She reached up and took her mouth towards his collar…She cut the thread with her teeth her lips slightly brushed his collar bone.Shiv froze…anandi blushed crimson n immediately moved away she turned to leave but tripped n shiv caught her waist to prevent her from falling.There she was caught in his arms..
He whispered ” its ok I will always be there to catch ur fall”.his eyes gazing deep in her eyes…his lips were so close tht if he bent a little…Anandi blushed at the thought…she thought wat am I afraid of ?

Shiv had a half smile on his face his eyes unreadable…Would he ? thought Anandi…in her heart she knew she wanted him too…her lips had parted in anticipaton.They were interrupted by Bheem singh’s voice calling out for Shiv.
Shiv loosened his grip n she saw regret n slight irritation for being interrupted.She couldnt help smiling.He made a puppy face at her n went out.She followed.him n greeted Bheem singh.

Shiv said “Bheem singh sit in the jeep I m coming…”Bheem singh left.
He said to anandi”I will be leaving now c u in evening “
Anandi nodded and then said “come back soon” Shiv smiled he could see a promise in her eyes.He replied with a naughty smile “Sure I will be back soon”
Anandi blushed n bid him goodbye..well few things would hav to wait till evening.

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