Be his bride again

She sat in front if him gazing at his handsome profile.
Shivraj Shekhar the collector was busy tapping on his keywords totally unaffected and uninformed of her inner termoil.
Well not totally unaffected becoz she caught him stealing covert glances at her between his work.
Anandi folded the last saari away and looked up at him.His brows joinned in concentration…his specs giving him a serious demeanour.
She always loved his specs…he shld wear it more often.She thought.
She had made several attempts to convay her feelings to him but each time they had either been interrupted or she lost her courage.

“Wat am I afraid of anyways”She thought.
Shiv caught her staring at him.
He coughed and raised his eyebrows.
Anandi jerked her head n said “Ummm how long will u take?”
Shiv said “I need 10 min..if ur sleepy I’ll move to the study”
Anandi gave him a frustated look.Since last few days he had turned into a workahloic.She said “I need to talk.Its important”
He said “Yeah tell me”
She fumbled “wo…u were asking me tht day tht I look diff n I was behaving strangly…aur u remember I said pyar ho gaya”
Shiv said “Yeah…kisse…ur friends?
Anandi said “No not her…someone else”
Shiv said “dont tell me mahi is in love again…he will never change..he falls in love every month…iss baar uski bike geyi”
Anandi looked perplexed  “No no its not Mahi…woo actually..I “

There was a phone call in Shiv’s phone.He looked at it “Its frm governer’s office must be something important”
He left to take the call leaving a frustated and distressed Anandi.
She fell asleep still thinking how to talk to him.
Next morning Shiv was in hurry to rush for office.He was gobbling down his breakfast.
“Shiv theek se khaiye Shiv…wats the hurry?”
“I hav very important meeting…an important delegation is coming will hav lunch with them”
“There goes my lunch plan” anandi mumbled.
“Wat? u said something” Shiv asked
“No nothing” Anandi replied.

Anandi looked morosly at departing Shiv…Wat shld I do…I want to talk to him so desperately n he’s always busy.An Idea struck her and her lips curved into a smile.

In evening..Anandi checked their room..It was beautifully decorated with flowers and scented candles.She had already arrenaged the dining table with Shiv’s favourite dishes…All she needed to do was get ready for the evening.After changing into a beautiful saari she waited eagerly for Shiv.His handsome face would become more handsome with his shy smile.She blushed thinking how it would feel to be in his arms.

Her daydream was intrrrupted by a phone call.She saw Shiv’s name flashing she took the call.
“Anandi Ganga’s baby has been found…I am leaving with police to get him back” Shiv said in a crisp voice
Anandi felt shock,concern,fear all at the same time.A sudden panic gripped her heart.
She simply blurted out “No Plz No dont go..It might be dangerous”
Shiv said in a surprised voice “Anandi ye aap keh rahi hai…how can u say this?? U know how important it is..I hav already failed once I dont want any mistake this time.I hav to go..I’ll be back soon dont worry”

Anandi pleaded “No Shiv please take me also with u u dont understand wat if something happenes..plz I also wnat to come”
Shiv said in an irritated voice “Anandi we hav already been through this u know I cant take u with me anyways I dont hav time for clarifications.I will talk to u later” he cut the call

Tears stung her eyes this was the first time Shiv had talked to her in such tone.
“I am a fool…I shld not hav stopped him.BUt how can I stay…wat if..”Her chest felt tight…her hands had become clammy…A cold dread surrounded her…Shiv’s injured image flashed in front of her eyes again..She somehow managed to reach the bedroom and broke down on the pillow…She sobbed “Please Shiv come back safely…I cant live without u”

After few hours.Shiv drove into the CH driveway.He was elated.The police had managed to trace Ratan Singh’s family and this time they had nabbed them.The family was arrested and the baby was handed over to ganga.
He felt relieved and emotional…He had overcome his first failure.
As he pulled into the driveway he recalled his conversation with Anandi…She was panicking and he regretted his outburst on her.this was the first time he had spoken to her in a raised voice.
“I hope she’ll forgive me” He went out and walked towards the door.before he could reach it the door swung open and Anandi came running out…
She hugged him tight and sobbed.
Shiv was taken aback…he knew she wld be upset but he didnt expect such an outbrust from her.”Why did u do this to me?..Why u went away?”
She clutched his chest and cried.Shiv felt helpless..He gently held her and patted her head “Anandi I am fine see…Kya ho gaya hai aapko?…please dont cry like this…I am sorry I shouted at u..I didnt mean to”
Anandi continued crying…”U dont undersand anything…U dont know how much worried I was…wat if something happened to u..How wld I live without u”
Shiv’s ears suddenly stood..”Wat did she just say?”
He said “Anandi lets go in we’ll talk inside” He guided her inside the house and they sat on the sofa…He wiped off her tears and asked “Anandi kya baat hai? Ur too upset..I am sorry I said na..I will never shout on u again I promise”
Anandi shook her head “It not abt mujh par gussa kariya…I dont mind…I needed to talk to u..but I was not gettign chance…u were always busy then suddenly U went on this..I was so worried abt u…”

Shiv said “I know Anandi u wanted to talk abt some friend of urs right??…Sorry I didnt pay attention..kahiye kya bolna hai aapko..but why were u so worried ?..Mujhe kya hoga?…I had police with need to worry so much”

Anandi snapped “How wld I not worry..How could I ignore it…I love u damm it !!!”
Shiv froze in mid sentence..Anandi’s face suddenly turned crimson and she just stared at him.
Shiv blinked a few times..did he hear right?? “Kya…wat did u just say?”
Anandi looked down and whispered “I love u Shiv”
Shiv suddenly felt he was floating on clouds “Is that wat u wanted to tell me? Tht friend story..tht was a ploy?”
Anandi shyily nodded..Shiv ran his fingures through his hairs “I am such a idiot..why didnt I guess..actually I guessed it but I brushed it aside..How could I be so lucky”
Anandi said “Wat did u think…I will never recognise ur love..I wld never realise ur goodness ur simple pure heart…I was skeptical abt the happiness which U were giving me.I had been a fool.I was scared of being happy…But now I dont hav any fears..I want to make u happy Shiv.I want to fulfill all ur dreams…I love u too much Shiv”

Shiv stared st her his face glowing with happiness “U hav already fulfilled all my dreams by coming in my life Anandi.And now this…I cant explain how happy I am”
Anandi smiled and placed her head on his chest…he hesitated a little not sure weather to hug back…Anandi looked up and said “Please apni kasam tod dijiye Shiv…From now on there wont be any barriers between us”

Shiv grinned and took her in a bone crushing hug.They held onto to each other tightly…listening to each other’s heartbeats.
He slowly relased her and lifted her chin up..She placed her palms on the lapels of his coat and looked at him with love and trust.He brushed aside a stray strand of hair and cupped her face…bent his head towards her lips…Before he could touch her lips She blushed and turned sideways his kiss landed somewhere near her ears..sending shivers down her spine.
She said “Shiv dinner is ready”

He mumbled “hmmm…I guess it can wait..I m not hungry anyways”
He stood up and picked her in his arms.Now he noticed tht she was dressed elaborately in a beautiful saari…n inspite of her tear smudged eyes she looked beautiful.
Carrying her to their bedroom he kicked open the door only to be shocked to see the room decor.
Anandi had forgotten all abt the room in her grief..She blushed when she saw Shiv’s reaction…he looked down at her “U did this preparation?”
She nodded.He placed her down..
Shiv looked arnd the candle lit room…”Oh Anandi It was worth the wait..Ur sure abt this?”
She nodded shyily.He held her shoulders and made her sit on the bed…sitting in front of her he held her hands.
She said “I know U had special dreams for our first night and I had spoiled it with my fears.Just wanted to make up for it.I want to be ur bride once again.”
Shiv smiled “U’ll always be my bride Anandi…forever and ever”

Shiv looked at her with so much passion tht she could feel the room heating up with their mutual attraction.His lips were on hers and his hands roving over her body they were soon lost in exploring each other…Both finally joined as one..litrally and figuratively. Wink

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    its a nice one…

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