Anandi’s confession

After Shiv’s confession Anandi was on cloud nine.Shiv had just dropped her home and she entered the haveli…her payal tinkeling.Each tinkle reminded her of Shiv.How gentely he placed the payal in her ankles.Their bike ride and Finally his confession.
She Blushed thinking of his I love u.
Hear heart sang…she was was relieved to know tht this marriage was not a compromise for him.

Dadisa saw her lost look and Asked “Kya baat hai chori?? badi der ho geyi tumjhe wapas aane mein..pata hai jagya ne abhi tak khana nahi khaya hai…”
Anandi looked at her surprised.She said “Why dadisa ??
Dadisa said “U know the truth..I had told u yest…he still loves u but ab teri khusi mein sabki khusi hai…U r happy na…jagya will survive”
Dadisa made a sad face.Anandi felt irritated…She was still in a good mood n didnt want to talk to jagya right now.But she melted seeing Dadisa’s dissapointed look.She had noticed  dadisa was not happy in the temple but she couldnt help it…She had made a commitment to Shiv and now it was impossible to backtrack.

She said “Where is jagya dadisa I will talk to him n make him eat”
Dadisa said “he is in his room”

Anandi went to Jagya’s room.She saw tht he was sitting there with her box which she had thrown away in the storeroom.
She was shocked…When he saw Anandi he gave her a sad look and said “Now u have removed ur memories also”
Anandi just looked at him n said “Jagya please eat something”
He continued ranting “U must be very happy na…U r getting a collector as a

husband..obviously Why would u accept me back”
Anandi felt disgusted “Jagya do u even know what ur talking abt? I didnt leave u u left me n now u want me to forget everything and take u back ??
How can I forgte all tht pain which u gave me”

Jagya said “I know and I am sorry for tht please forgive me…give me one more chance I promise I will never fail u…I will give u so much happiness tht u will forget tht collector”

Anandi lost her cool she lashed out at jagya “Just stop it…dont say a word against collector sahab…He is my would be husband..And I have had enough of it…My decision is firm”

She just turned back n left…jagya was staring at her in extream anger.

Daisa had heard their talk and she was surprised to see tht Anandi could go against her…she had always considered her as docile and obedient..She cursed her own fate for geting Shiv and Anandi closer.
Anandi went into her room feeling upset.She couldnt believe tht dadisa would force her to accept jagya back…
She saw her phone ring..She smiled when she saw “collector sahab’s” name flashing.She picked the call n said shyly “hello”

Shiv said “How r u Anandiji?”
She replied “I am fine n thank u for the gift” she said looking at her payal.
Shiv said “Glad tht u liked it..mujhe to lag raha tha pata nahi aapko pasand aayega ya nahi”
Anandi said “why wont I like it…apne itne pyaar se jo…”She blushed then continued “I mean Apki choice hai”

Shiv laughed “Waise aap bhi meri choice hain”

Anandi blushed

He continued “This was Mahi’s idea…and to tell u the truth tht bike  ride was also Mahi’s doing…he intentionally punctured my jeep tyre”
Anandi laughed “Hmmm devarji is really mischivious…but u too !”
Shiv blushed “Nahi I didnt mean to…I mean..ab mein kya karta…”
Anandi said “Its Ok collector sahab…I liked ur gift a lot”
Shiv smiled.

They talked for sometime then Anandi wished A very sweet good night to Shiv.
She cut the call and smiled to herself.She looked at her ankles and gently caresses the payal.They tinkled along with the wind chimes and she blushed.
Unknown to her jagya was lurking near her door…he had come to patch up with her and had stopped after he heard her talking sweetly to Shiv.
He was looking furious but didnt create any further scene and went away.
Next day Anandni wne to her school.She saw a letter with red rose waiting for her.She blushed and opened the letter.Shiv had written.

“I never knew tht a chance meeting with a stranger tht day would change my life…U know I am not very good with words bas itna hi kahunga tht I had fallen in love long time back bas batya ab hai.”


Anandi smiled dreamily.She took the rose and placed it on her cheeks…some girls started giggling Anandi gave them a strict look and got back to her class.
After school Anandi walked towards her home…sometimes Shiv came to pick her but probably today he was caught in some work.

She heard a horn behind she smiled thinking it was Shiv.She froze…
Jagya was driving the jeep.He stopped ner her.
She asked “Makhan kaka ?”
He said “he is not well..come I will drop u”
Anandi said “No thanks..I can walk on my own”
Jagya said “please Anandi now dont be such a stranger I know I have hurt u n I am sorry..I
accept ur decision atleast let me do this much for u”
Anandi was reluctant but after his pleadings she got into the jeep.
Anandi sat quietly…jagya said “I am sorry anandi”
Anandi replied ” I have forgiven u no need to say sorry again n again”
Jagya turned the jeep and stopped in a deserted area. Anandi was too tense to notice where he was driving but once the jeep stopped she looked at him surprised.
jagya said “I want to talk to u Anandi…U dont listen to me in haveli so I had to bring u here”
Anandi said “There’s nothing left to talk abt”
jagya said “There is Anandi u dont understand…u have become blinded by tht can u forget our love…u remember how we used to play together as I used to write love letters to u..we have so many fond memories…u even took a bullet for me…U have been brainwahsed the fact is tht u still love me”
Anandi closed her eyes in disgust and got out of the jeep.
She said “Jagya just stop this nonsense my decision is firm and the fact is tht I dont love u anymore…I love..”


She stopped she realised wat she was about to say.
Jagya was furious.he too got down and said “Come on say it..u love..who”
Anandi gave him a disgusting look…”I love Collector u have any prob “
Jagya grabbed her hand he was shouting at her “How can u say tht..U r lying u can only love me..”


Anandi tried to pull away her hand she said “jagya leave me..ur hurting me”
She was angry as well as scared jagya was like a manic.

Suddenly jagya was thrown off…Anandi looked up and saw Shiv.He was looking very furious…He had punched jagya which had thrown him off.
Jagya fell down and looked up startled.

Shiv was looking down at him his eyes full of anger.
Shiv said “How dare u touch Anandi”
Jagya got up Shiv punched him again..he fell several feet away.he gave several more blows to him…Jagya’s nose was bleeding.


Shiv said “Wat did I tell u Anandi ka naam bhi apni zuban pe mat lana…How dare u touch her”
Anandi was shocked beyond words…She was scared for jagya she had never seen Shiv so angry.

She caught Shiv’s arms n said “please cool down..dont hit him..lets go from here”
Shiv gave a loving look at her…She pleaded him to come with her…shiv gave in n they went

in Shiv’s jeep.jagya just stood there nursing his wounds.
Anandi’s eyes were full of tears.Shiv saw her upset and he stopped the jeep near a lake.He touched her shoulder and said “Please dont cry”
Anandi felt something break inside her…she hugged him her head buried on his shoulders she burst into tears…Shiv gently patted her head “Shh..its ok I am here..dont cry”

Anandi sobbed clutching his chest…after sometime she stopped and relased him.
She said “I know u might be having lot of questions”
Shiv said “tell me when u wnat to I am not in a hurry”
Anandi explained to him dadisa’s proposal and jagya’s tantrums…She said tht they were
pressurizing her to change her decision but she was firm…She never expected tht jagya would become violent.She started sobbing again.
Shiv had an angry look but he calmed down n said “Chaliye bahar chalte hain”
They got out and sat near the lake…
Anandi was quite now but she was still sad…Shiv said “I can understand wat probs ur me I have full faith on u..but I dont trust jagya at all.If u dont mind I hav a suggestion.”
Anandi looked up he continued “Please leave the haveli till marriage.I dont want to hamper ur safety”
Anandi was thoughtful..She said “I cant do this…bapusa will be heartbroken”
Shiv caught her hands in his n said “I know but u will have to explain everything to him…i will come with u.we’ll sort it out dont worry”

Anandi smiled she was feeling relaxed with Shiv…She gradually leaned back and sat supported by him.
Shiv asked “Anandiji Can I ask u something”
Anandi said “yes”
he said “tht time u were telling jagya tht..umm…U dont love him..and u said..u..”
Shiv blushed
Anandi understood tht he had heard her.She too blushed.She said “maine kahan kuch kaha”
Shiv looked down a little dissapointed.Anandi smiled looking at his face.
She said “Collector sahab …Apki payal sachmuch bahut hi sundar hai…”
Shiv said “yeah aapne pehle bhi kaha hai”
Anandi said “But aapne theek se suna nahi…aapki payal matlab aapke pyaar ka izhaar aur jo aapne us din kaha wo bahut hi accha tha.”
Shiv’s face lit up.
She blushed and coninued “Aur jab bhi ye payal khanakti hai to ye mere dil ki aawaz hoti hai jo baar baar bhi yehi kehti hai ki mujhe bhi…I mean..Even I love u”


Shiv’s face was beaming with happiness.
He said “Anandi ji kya sachmuch…”
Anandi placed a fingure on hi lips and said “Anandiji nahi sirf Anandi”
He smiled..removed her hands from his lip and gently kissed her hands…Then blushed crimson.
Anandi hid her face in his chest and said “Lets go home now ab koi shaq ya doubt nahi hai”
Shiv hugged her back tightly…he was really happy.He had got his answer.




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