Bound by fate Ch 9

After Sid left Pratz was alone to contemplate about the current situation….Craving some good food and a good bath she went towards the bathroom. She sank into the hot tub and tried to clear her thoughts.

She loved him. There was no other explanation for her mad impulsive reaction to him.

Sid was a wolf…..Which was something straight out of a fantasy novel but she didn’t really care about that. Had he been a cat or a hippo her love for him would remain unchanged. Well maybe not a hippo. She chuckled at the thought of Sid blown up like a hippo.

The worst part she had to kill him!! Then there were other things to worry about.

Who was that man? And where was maasa ? How did he know about their secret? Pratz was raised by Maasa and Sumitra. She never knew her real parents. She had heard that her mother was just like her. She died long ago when Pratz was very small. Maasa never told her the circumstances surrounding her death. She finished her bath, wrapped a fluffy bathing robe around herself and went back in the room. Some nice dresses and a phone were laid on the bed. She had just finished dressing up when there was a knock.

She said ” Come in”

Two women came in with a huge tray laden with all possible breakfast items.

“Good morning Madam Alpha” The younger one said and grinned. The older woman gave her a reprimand look “Don’t talk to Madam Alpha unless you are spoken to. Forgive her for her impunity madam” She said n kneeled.

Pratz looked at them awkwardly…They were both tall, beautiful with a rustic wild look. And they moved with the same lithesome grace like Sid.

“No its fine and please call me Pratyusha.I am not very fond of these formalities”

The woman looked horrified “No Madam Alpha that is against our decorum”

Pratyusha looked perplexed and thought “Please it’s my request and sit down. There’s no need to kneel”

The younger one grinned and sat on one of the couches. The older woman reluctantly took another couch but she still looked edgy.

Pratz picked up a toast and took a huge bite “Ummm this is delicious…you made it ?”

“Yes yes Madam I made it.You liked it ? I help in the kitchen. I loved to cook. Before I found my mate….I mean my mate found me.Now I manage the kitchens and work as a chef in one of the clubs owned by the Alpha” She said everything in one go.

Pratz smiled this one was talkative.

“What are you names ?”

“I am meena” Said the younger one

“I am Sandhya Vikram’s mate” Said the older one

“Vikram! Sid’s man right ?” Pratz asked

She nodded

Pratz looked at Meena “What did you mean when you found your mate ?”

“I am not a born wolf Madam. I was a human. I was turned in this pack”

Pratz’s curiosity was rekindled “How ? I mean all this is very new for me.Can you please elaborate ?”

“I was a human when I met my mate Abhilash.There was a strange unexplained pull between us. He perused me restlessly” She giggled “Until I gave in.Then we mated and he turned me.I have never been happier. This happened 40 years ago”

Pratz almost chocked on her toast. The girl looked barely 20!

“What !! 40 ! How old are you ?”

“I am 60 in human years. But wolves are different. They age very slowly and remain young for a very long time”

“Wait a minute.You are 60 ! And how old are you ?” She turned to look at the older woman.

“Almost 100” She replied sheepishly

Pratz stood up and started pacing “What kind of things are you ? Howz that possible? How old is Sid ?”

Both women had stood up “Madam please don’t be upset. Hats how we are. Alpha is also 100 though in human years he would be 27”

“Yeah I can see that. He looks much younger than his years. But he has been around even longer than my granny !!” She said

Both women looked at each other perplexed.” Madam Alpha please don’t be upset….We didn’t mean to scare you”

The door opened and Sid rushed in.Both ladies looked fearfully at him.

Sid could smell the fear and tension in the room “What happened ?”

“Forgive us Alpha for upsetting your mate” both women were on their knees pleading. Pratz looked dumbly.

Sid said “My mate is fine. Get up both of you”

They stood up still shaking fearfully. Sid relaxed his tone “There’s no need to be afraid. No one is angry or upset. Go back to your work and thanks for the breakfast”

They looked relaxed and beat a hasty retreat.

Sid looked at Pratz and sighed.

“What are you ? Some fucking royalty ?”

He chuckled “I am an Alpha and this is not a fucking democracy ! My word is the law”

“Do I need to put up with this medieval behavior from everyone ?”

“Not everyone. Wolves that have interacted with humans and lived among them are better. They are in touch with the modern world. Rest still follow old protocol. Though I don’t approve of it.”

“Are you 100 years old ?”

“Seems like the girls were talking. Not quite. I am 90” and grinned

She looked horrified as if seeing a ghost “What !! Howz that possible ? You are even older than my maasa!”

He laughed “You don’t like older men ?”

“I do but this is ridiculous. Please tell me that you are kidding”

“You still have lot to learn about us. We are part human part animals and somewhat magical. Our lifespan is very long almost 1000 years. Hence our ageing process is very slow. When our cubs are born they mature like normal human children. From the age of 16 our ageing process stops….It’s like 30 human years is equal to 1 year for us. So technically I am 90 but physically I am much younger.”

She sat down clutching the edge of the bed “How do you die ? I mean are you prone to diseases etc. ?”

He said “We are immune to most human diseases. Though we can get injured and die like other species, it’s very difficult for humans to actually catch and kill us. We are much stronger. We are also immune to all forms of magic”

“What about poison ? Can you die of poison ?”

He pondered for a minute “Hamm I am not sure. I don’t remember any causality due to poisoning. I presume we are immune to that as well.”

“What about snakes ? Can snake poison kill werewolves ?”

“No one is immune to snakes dear. It can kill all animals”


Pratyusha shuddered. She was doomed. No wonder that evil man chose her. She suddenly felt dizzy.

He was immediately near her and caught her “What’s the matter pratz ? You look upset ?”

“I’m worried about my family. Did you meet maasa ?”

“There’s a bad news pratz. We can’t find your maasa. She was supposed to reach yester isn’t it ? She has not turned up. I believe there’s more to your kidnapping than I expected. Someone is targeting your family”

Pratz looked distressed ” I don’t know what to do. I am worried about Ganga too”

Sid said “Ganga is very safe for now.”

“How ?”

“Actually it might be bit of a shock for you.You remember my friend Jagadish? That police officer who had stopped you that day ?”

She nodded “Well he has found his mate in Ganga.He will rip apart anyone who lays their hands on her. Right now your entire family is under constant surveillance by my Betas. They are the best for these kinds of things. The only exception is Maasa. I am sure we will find her soon”

“WHAT!! Ganga is his mate ? Please leave her alone she is very naive and innocent”

“He won’t harm her. In fact he will protect her and cherish her. It’s something like what we have.”

“She will be turned too?”

“If she wishes then yes. Else they can never become true mates”

He hugged her tighter and kissed her hairs “I know you are  stressed about maasa and your family.You are not alone I am with you now.”

Pratz chocked her tears. How was she supposed to kill him ?

“Hey don’t be upset. We will find maasa soon. All our troubles will be over very soon”

She cried harder at his reassuring words.

“Sweetheart please”

He cupped her face and crashed his lips to hers. She opened her mouth to him and moaned against his lips, as their tongues shared a dance of passion. She very much wanted to continue it had they not been interrupted by a knock. He left her mouth but kept his hold on her waist pinning her to his side.


“Come in” He said

Pratz was expecting vikram or one of his other betas instead a woman entered.She was tall and graceful like other female wolves but it was her dress which caught pratz attention.It was so low cut that Pratz wondered how come everything stayed inside.

“Hello floral.How are you ?”sid drawled.

“I am good sweetie” She gave an assessing look towards pratz and then said “I am happy for you”

“Really ?”

“Of course…Yeah I was upset initially but its ok now” pratz was looking to and fro from sid to miss gravity defying “Meet floral. She is an old friend” Sid said to pratz

Pratz smiled and nodded. Miss heavy bosom came near her and offered her hand. Pratz shook it.

“Hello pratz nice to meet you.Yeah Sid and I go way back.infact we were engaged”

Pratz looked surprised

She gave a throaty laugh “Don’t worry I am not going to steal him back. He is bound to you now.” She said almost regretfully “Congrats sid for getting such a beautiful mate”

Pratz smiled “I am sure we will be good friends”

She laughed “I am sure we will” Pratz observed she grinned very often  perhaps her mouth was permanently stretched in a grin.

“Btw sid where’s the cute frn of yours..Jagadish?” Floral asked


“Umm he is unattainable now. He found his mate too “Sid said

“unlucky me…seems like everyone is mating except me”

Sid raised an eyebrow “really?? I recall my beta telling me of a very interested CCTV footage of yours in the back garden”

“Come on don’t tell me you were jealous” She winked at him

“Of course not…So what brings you here ?”

“Nothing just wanted to catch up”

“Would you like to join us for lunch?” Sid asked

Pratz had remained quite throughout this conversation but she was curious. Really curious about miss-gravity-defying-clevage.Pratz didn’t really like her but didn’t give her much thought she has bigger problems to resolve now.


She felt a little nervous walking out of Sid’s rooms for the first time. They were greeted by three men outside the door, none of whom she recognized. They all bowed their heads to Sid and two held the post, the third trailed behind them on the stairs.

Sid caught her hands and squeezed giving her a reassuring look.

She recognized the large lobby with its ornate marble floors we had come into the day before and again she heard voices but no one was there. Walking through a set of open double doors the voices stopped abruptly. She knew the pack numbered in the hundreds, but to see it for real was a different thing.

The room looked like the large banquet halls. Sitting around the round tables were countless numbers of people. Men, women, and the small scattering of children all stopped what they were doing and turned to stare at Pratyusha. She held onto her best smile and looked around trying to think of anything to calm her down.

“Pack members I present to you my mate, Pratyusha” Sid stated with flourish.

A cheer rose up from those assembled and she heard a significant amount of howling.

“As you know there have already been attempts on her life,” he continued. “She is strong and brave and has survived these evil deeds.” She kept a smile pasted on her face though, wishing she could just sink into the floor.

“Until the ones responsible have been caught and brought to justice, she will not be free to mingle freely with you,” he persisted despite obvious grumbling in the crowd.

“I would advise caution for all of you, caution for family. Please continue to be at your highest guard and do not hesitate to report strange activity to our security chief or his officers,” he motioned to Vikram who stood up as did several other men.

“Tonight we celebrate and enjoy good food and family!” he finished with flourish.

They moved slowly to a table in the middle of the wall at the other end of the hall, as they passed all bowed their heads. Turning her head she noticed that after they had gone by most of them raised their noses and scented the air. “They are smelling my scent on you” He said

Pratz looked confused then realized what he meant….he kissed her deeply to rub his scent on her.

The conversation at the table was pleasant. Pratz relaxed and for some time she forgot the tension. She observed Floral who was sitting on the other side…staring intently at her and there was malice in her eyes.


Jagadish took the steps three at a time as he made his way up to the house. His wolf was prowling hungrily close to the surface, and he was having a hard time keeping a tight leash on his beast. It was his own fault. He had stayed away from Ganga for too long, due to the complicated circumstances involved. Circumstances, which had now changed drastically.

Pratyusha was safe with Sid for the moment, and Pratz knew of their existence now so claiming his mate would no longer be an issue. The only real problem still remaining was his mate. She was being extremely difficult to say the least, and he was fast losing patience with her.

Didn’t she feel the attraction between them? He had been so sure she had when they’d first met. Her beautiful eyes had widened when she’d looked at him; he’d smelt the first faint waft of arousal coming from her deliciously curvy body, and then, she’d gone and thrown him out. She had actually thrown him out of her House.Inspite of explaining her that he was Sid and Pratz’s friend.

If that wasn’t bad enough, she refused all his calls until he was acting like some mad stalker. He hesitated briefly at the door then knocked.

Ganga went to open the door grumbling. Things were going haywire. First maasa disappeared then pratz. Her mother Sumitra was a nervous wreck. Then these strange men had been surrounding their house all the time. They said it was some safety measure. God knows for what !


She threw open the door, a torrent of abuse ready to tumble from her lips, and found herself staring up at the most gorgeous man on the entire planet. Black eyes raked over her swiftly, and she felt heat start pounding loudly.

Jagadish threw a hand out and stopped the door from closing; a smile tugging at his lips at the furious glare on his woman’s face.


“Go away Jagadish,” she growled at him, and his smile just broadened.

“You won’t take my calls, so I’ve come in person, Ganga” he said, still smiling. She gasped in outrage, as he pushed his way into the apartment and let the door close behind him. His wolf was crowing gleefully, as it scented his mate. He was sending his human side mental imagines of ripping Ganga’s clothes off and mating roughly with her, until she screamed her pleasure.

“Get out,” Ganga hissed at him. “I don’t want you here. If I wanted you here, I would have answered your fucking calls. So just get out, or I’m going to call the police and have you done for breaking and entering.” She couldn’t believe the arrogance of the ass.

“Now, you know you’re not going to do that, Ganga,” he said, smoothly. His smile never faltering. Jagadish stifled down a groan and had a stern word with his wolf. He was way too close to the surface and almost ready to grab control.


“Ganga” he said, softly. “Why are you fighting this? You know you want it as much as I do. Can’t you feel the sexual tension in the room?”


“I don’t even know you”

“I can rectify that immediately “He drawled

“What do you want?”

“I just want you”

“What do you mean?”

“You are my mate ganga…my soulmate.We are made for each other.Dont you feel it?”

“I don’t understand”

He sighed “Let me explain……please don’t run away from me.Can we talk ?”

She nodded though still cautious she sat down with him while he explained.



Pratz was back in her room. Sid had stayed down to attend to some pack business. She was toying with her phone when an unknown number flashed on her phone. She immediately took the call.

“I see you have not done the deed yet” The familiar evil voice sent chill down her spine

“Where is maasa ?” she ignored his question

  “Safe for now but won’t be for long” He laughed

“Please I can’t do this….” She pleaded

“You have to my have been born to kill”

“I am not sure If I can….he is a werewolf how am I supposed to kill him ?”

“Fuck him…you have to just fuck him…I wonder how come he has not laid his hands on you yet…you have tonight…just one night to do it else..”


Pratz shuddered she knew she didn’t have a choice.

“What if I don’t…what if I fail to do it?”

He laughed his evil laugh “You think the stupid dog can protect ganga?….I can get him killed off in minutes…tonight…ok?”

“Why don’t you kill Sid yourself? If you are so powerful ?”

“Shut up bitch ! He is an Alpha and a powerful one. Had it been so easy I would have done it myself. No just do as I say”

Pratz cut the call. Her hands were shaking with fright. She buried her head in her hands “What do I do now?”

Sid was anyways not going to let her go he would mate with her eventually. She had a determined look on her face. In her room Pratz prepared herself.

When Sid went back his mouth was left hanging open for full 1 min.When he opened the door, he was immediately met with the scent of arousal. He looked around the room excitedly and was upset when he couldn’t find her. Then he noticed that the bathroom door was closed. He walked over to it and put his ear up to it. He could hear the shower running and the soft pants and moans coming from Pratz.

She was…masturbating?

His body screamed at him to open the door and take her, but he decided against it and just listened instead. He was dying to know what she was doing. Unable to take it anymore he slowly opened the door, went inside, and quietly shut it behind him.

Pratz knew that she wasn’t alone anymore in the bathroom. She heard something drop to the floor and then smelled thick, male scent close to her. Sid was here and now she was nervous. She stopped what she was doing, and kept her eyes closed waiting to see what would happen next. She then felt a mouth latch onto one of her nipples and start to roughly suck on it. Then, he switched sides and started on the other one as well. She was already very aroused, now she was being overwhelmed with sensation. She felt hands running down her stomach and resting on her hips, pulling her more into his mouth. She grabbed onto his head for support and heard him growl in approval. Then she dug her nails into his skull which made him moan her name.

“You asked for him and now he’s here,” she said mentally to herself. She cried silently and opened her eyes to look at him. He was now kissing down her belly and had to get onto his knees to do so. He looked up at her with his wolfish ember eyes filled with lust for her. She knew that this was her first and last chance with him.

He kneeled down and slowly pushed her thighs until she spread her legs enough for him to see her. He tentatively ran a finger up and down her slit as she quivered from his touch. She had her hands pushing on his shoulders in order to support herself. He again scented her like he had the other day. She smelled divine to him. He burned to taste her. He wanted to run his tongue over her and have her taste in his mouth.

She watched as he slowly flicked his tongue on her clit. He grabbed ahold of her hips and held her upright as she bucked from his small touch. This time, he took her clit into his mouth and sucked slightly.

“Oh god! Sid!” she cried out and ground herself onto his mouth. He continued what he was doing until she was a quivering mess.

Finally, he stopped and stood up to meet her. She opened her eyes and stared at him. “How was that?” he asked smiling at her. She couldn’t speak. She just nodded her head yes and closed her eyes. She then felt his lips devour her mouth. His tongue broke through her defenses and danced with hers inside of her mouth. She tasted herself on him. It was hard to remain detached. She was numb….Her first time with him and she was numb.

He then quickly broke their kiss and backed away to the other side of the shower “Pratz, I really want you right now. If we keep going, I won’t be able to stop. If you want me to stop, then tell me.” She could see that he was straining to speak and seemed to be growling at her as well. His wolf was very close to the surface and she could see that he was struggling with how much he wanted and needed her.

She slowly walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She looked into his eyes and saw that he was fighting hard with himself about what to do next. She tilted his head to hers and lightly nipped his ear lobe. The next three words that she said lit him on fire, “Sid, Please take me.”

He looked at her tiny rivulets of water running down his face “Are you sure? There’s too much at stake”

“Just take me….Please”

He reached over with his right hand and shut off the shower. Then he lifted Pratz up and all but ran out of the bathroom with her and laid her down on the bed. Her leapt on top of her and kissed her swollen lips. They had waited long enough for this. Tonight, he would claim his mate.

She was suddenly afraid. He grabbed hold of her right hand and brought it down so that she could feel him. “Don’t be afraid, Pratz,” he said smiling at her. “Wrap your arms around me.”

She did as she was told. She slowly felt him easing inside of her. She felt herself getting fuller and didn’t think that he’d fit all the way inside of her. She started digging her nails into his shoulders as the burn from stretching started to happen. Once he was all the way in, he held still, so she could get used to him being there. He waited until he felt her start relaxing around him.

He started to slowly move himself in and out of her. The sharp pain was soon replaced by pleasure. He reveled in the feel of her hands around him. He then started to ground into her deeply  and picked up the pace to start going faster. She lifted her hips up more to meet his thrusts and he obliged her by holding them up for her and supporting her. she could feel him hesitating, worrying that he was hurting her. “Please don’t stop! Faster!” He couldn’t believe what she was asking, but he wasn’t going to deny her either. He sped up and started going quicker. This was his mate and his wolf was more than ready to show it. He felt the knot starting to swell and had the insatiable urge to bite her and claim her.

She was suddenly flipped over and put onto her hands and knees. He quickly entered her and mercilessly began to pound deeply into her. She felt herself quickening and knew that she was getting ready to orgasm again. She tried to adjust her hips to help with the blows that he was dealing to her.

she screamed as she felt herself orgasming all around him. He continued to fill himself with her and didn’t stop as she rocketed through her orgasm towards another. She swore that she felt him get slightly bigger as he plunged deeply inside of her. He leaned his body forward and positioned himself to that he was on his hands and knees on top of her. “Mine,” he growled deeply right next to her ear. Her body felt aflame.

All too suddenly, she felt Sid shift above her. Instead of the man now she was being taken by the wolf !! She felt even fuller now that the wolf was there and the thrusting seemed to be shorter in length. She felt herself quickening and knew that she was going to orgasm again. Right before she came, He bit her at the base of the neck, causing her to scream. It was pleasure and pain. A heady combination. A couple of thrusts later and he howled above her and came deep inside of her.

She collapsed onto the bed. She then felt herself being pulled down more and onto her left side. Sid was now back in human form and was holding her close to him. “I’m sorry. I should have warned you,” he said breathing heavily and slowly running his hands up and down her body. “My wolf wanted to claim you badly”.

She looked at the tiny bit of blood on his lips. Her blood !! then touched her wound on her neck. Blood was still dripping off her. She looked back at him surprised. He was absolutely fine !!

She tried to pull away but realized he was stuck inside her.

He chuckled some and pulled her closer to him, “We’re stuck like this for a little bit. My knot will go away in about an hour.”

Suddenly she grabbed his hands and kissed it tears streaming down her face “I love you Sid. I am so glad you are safe. Nothing happened to you.I have never been happier to know that I failed”

He observed her curiously “What do you mean?”

“Nothing you won’t understand”.


To be continued…….

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Bound by fate Chapter 8

Shadows crossed the little windows in front of the cabin. Ragged curtains prevented her from seeing who was out there. She shivered in fear and cold wishing for death. The door crashed open to reveal a very angry looking Sid striding through. He crossed the room in three large steps and came to rest directly in front of her. He was dressed in a tight black t shirt and black cargo pants. His black boots were caked with mud. He looked furious, but spoke softly.


She opened her eyes in disbelief but shifted back into the wall. She was sure she was hallucinating

“No just go away….don’t touch me” She said

Sid’s face tensed. He kneeled down beside her and said gently “it’s me…Please don’t be afraid of me “She relaxed and sagged into the wall. He gingerly stroked her cheeks. She was still staring hard at him. Trying to be sure that is was indeed him.

“It’s really you!”

“Yes” He said. She broke into tears

Sid’s strong arms were around her pulling her close before she slumped completely. She pushed her nose into his chest and inhaled his heady aroma “Please take me away from here”

Sid’s hand came up to gently stroke her and she felt his lips on her still damp hair.

He pulled her tighter and whispered, “I’m so sorry love,”

Meanwhile his entourage was looking around everywhere checking for clues. They didn’t find anything except scraps of ropes used to tie her up and some pieces of torn clothes.

She shivered a little at the breeze blowing through the still open door. He turned to one of the men that was with him and started to quietly issue orders. A jacket, a pair of jeans, and thick socks were produced quickly. Soon she was dressed and warm. Everything was 3 sizes too large, but it was still a big improvement on being nude. She observed them carefully. They were very fast and moved stealthily.

“How come I never noticed his inhuman grace” She thought

She was soon bundled up in SUVs.Sid passed her a cup of hot coffee poured from a flask. She gratefully took it and felt warmth spreading through her body. Sid’s eyes focused on her face and softened a little. She felt his hands stroking up down her back. He pressed his lips softly to her and then he pulled her close.

“How did you find me?” She whispered against his neck.

“I had your phone’s GPS tagged by our system” he replied

“That’s not true. They threw my phone long back. I know what you are Sid. The men who took me…I mean they. They were not men..They were wolves. Man wolves like you”

Sid simply observed her face. She could sense him warring with himself.

“I know it’s supposed to be a secret but I am right isn’t it?”

He sighed “Yes.You are right. Do you hate me now?”

“No ! Why would I hate you.You are different we all are different in some way. It just too much to wrap my head around. I never thought things which exist in fairytales actually exist. So did you trace me by my scent?”

“I did track your phone where they had thrown it.Then later found a trail of your scent not far from there,” his voice faded off and she felt fur and claws on her back.

“You found my clothes” She surmised stroking his furry neck and cheek in what she hoped was a comforting gesture. She didn’t look up fearing what she wasn’t ready to see. His anger subsided soon and she could feel his fur and claws receding.

They sat quietly together as the forest flew by outside. A question struck her suddenly.

“How did you know my name? You knew everything about me ? And that police officer?” She said looking quizzically up at him.

“Our senses are better than yours we can listen even whispered conversations, And wolves communicate by telpathy.Since I am the Alpha of my pack, I can broadcast my thoughts to every Beta and Omega of my pack, We live like normal humans among other humans. Doing normal jobs. That police officer is part of my pack. Every member of my pack knows you.They know that you are my mate, their future madam Alpha,” Sid answered.

She looked confused “Wait are you telling me? What exactly are you trying to tell me?”

He laughed softly “We are soul mates. I know it difficult to explain but I will try. We aren’t human, love. Many thing work differently here than you are used to. Our relationships are decided on in large part by our wolf. A wolf recognizes its mate almost immediately. The feelings are powerful and instantaneous. You remember the first night I saw you. It took everything I had not to throw you over my shoulder and take you home with me then.”

As he talked Sid’s hands roamed gently over her breasts and stomach. She shivered slightly and pressed herself back in the car seat.

“Right now my wolf wants to claim you, lay our scent all over your gorgeous body, and then find those thugs and rip their throats out,” what started as a sexy speech quickly became a thick angry growl emanating from Sid’s furry chest.

She looked at him fearfully. His face had changed, it was more wolf like though he was not a full wolf yet but  He immediately receded to his human form.

“I am sorry love I didn’t mean to scare you” he said kissing her forehead

Pratz didn’t reply, she closed her eyes. So they were soul mates no wonder she felt that strange pull. And she was supposed to kill her soul mate !

“Sid what if you don’t get your soul mate? What happens if they unattainable?”

“It’s never happens but if our mates die before us or we r separated then we won’t survive. The wolves turn rough and they eventually wither away to death”

She shuddered “And what happens to their human mates?”

He laughed “Our human mates don’t remain human for long….They are turned to werewolves”

“What !! I will become a wolf?”

“Not immediately. I can’t force you for anything. It will take time to exlain.I will tell you about it later”

She buried her face in his arms and contemplated her situation. She had to kill him if she wanted to save her family. She wouldn’t survive anyways if he died, his pack would rip her apart. Even if they left her she wouldn’t survive without him.

She had dozed off in his arms when they reached his den.

“Sir, the pack is assembled as you requested, several are unaccounted for as you suspected. What would you like us to do?” asked a man with a clip board as he approached them.

“Pratz, I have some pack business to attend to. This is the den, our home,” he motioned to the huge structure beside them.

“Vikram is going to take you to my quarters. You can take a shower if you would like, some clothes and food will be brought to you. However, for the time being you may not leave my quarters and do not go anywhere with anyone other than Vikram or myself.”

She nodded.

The area was pitch dark except for the structure looming in front of them. It looked to be at least three stories tall. The outside was tastefully if not very subtly lighted. It looked to be the color of sandstone. Vikram put a hand gently on her back steering her toward a large open door. She could hear talking coming from inside, but when she entered the spacious lobby it was empty.

The room was tall going up all three stories, a large sloping staircase dropped into the lobby on the left and the right. In the center of the foyer was the most striking detail though, a marble inlay of two wolves howling at a large moon. She saw heads peeking out of several double doorways that lead off the large room. Vikram ushered her upstairs. She just followed him numbly.

The room was warm and inviting. A small fire crackled in the fireplace of a cozy sitting area. There were several comfortable looking chairs near the fire. A large flat screen TV sat unobtrusively in front of a full sized leather couch. She sat on the bed

Vikram said “You will be safe here.These are Alpha’s private quarters” She nodded and Vikram took a big breath. He let it out slowly and kneeled down in front of her “At the cabin, they had ripped off your….. I’m sorry to ask, but I know Alpha couldn’t bring himself to. Were you raped?”

She shook her head no and Vikram relaxed a little. “We had hoped you weren’t. Are you hurt though? Do you need medical care?” he asked cautiously. She got the feeling he would rather not be the one having this conversation.

“No, thank you,” She said  “They…They didn’t hurt me.” He left and Pratzi wandered around exploring the suite. An enormous king sized bed graced one wall of the room. The bed towered in the large space. She wanted to call Ganga and enquire about her family but she couldn’t find any landline phone in the room. Dropping that idea she went into the large bathroom which was big enough to fit in entire football team. After the shower she found clothes which were of her size kept on the bed. She wore the simple sweats and collapsed on the bed. She was very tired and stressed.

When she woke many hours later sun was coming in the windows and she was so comfortable. She was lying on her side in a soft bed wrapped around a warm solid mass.

She opened her eyes to find Sid sleeping peacefully. Their legs entwined into each other. She froze and looked at him. He was shirtless and looked amazing. She felt a pang in her heart, “I can’t do this” She thought.

“Hey beautiful” His sexy voice called.

She looked up in his face which were now shouldering with desire.

He bent his head kissed the pulse beating at the base of her throat.

“I wish to take you right now but I know you are not ready” he mumbled though that didn’t stop him from nuzzling her neck and her throat.

Desire shot through her veins like lightening.

She yawned and stretched out against him. Stretching rubbed her core against his hip in the most pleasant way. She found herself flipped on her back as Sid nuzzled her neck. He wound his fingers with her on either side of her head. She could feel his arousal rubbing against her.

“Is this what you were looking for?” he whispered in her ear rocking his hips so she felt the slide of him against her entrance.

“No please….stop” She stumbled on words as he continued to slide sensuously against her. It felt good in a way, but she had to STOP !! But she couldn’t bring herself to tell him that. Not while he made her feel like this !

He released her hands and slipped his own boldly beneath her shirt. She realized what he was doing a moment too late. His eyes started to glow ember. His fingers caught hold of her nipples and rubbed them with his thumbs. Next moment her tee was torn to shreds. It happened so fast she didn’t even have time to gather her wits.

He dipped his face over her breasts, laving each with his coarse tongue. The sensation was amazing and she felt tingling everywhere he licked. He slowly worked his way down her stomach stopping to lick at places which she never knew existed.

Too soon she felt his hot breath over her pubic bone. He gently nudged her pants away. Now she was totally exposed to his sultry ember gaze.

She jumped a little when she felt his cold nose bump against her clit.It was not a nose it was a snout. Her eyes flew open and she looked down. He was not a man anymore neither a wolf. He was a hybrid now. She looked at him with facination.He was bigger more muscular now. Using his long tongue he licked her slit. She fell back and moaned involuntarily and put her hands over her mouth.

“This had to be wrong, it shouldn’t feel so good.” She thought

With his long tongue he tongue snaked gently in and out of her tight passage. With his nose he continued to bump and grind on her sensitive clitoris. Soon she arched her back and clutched the bedsheet.She screamed as pleasure coursed through her.

When she came down from the clouds. He was lying beside her now in his human form.

Still panting she looked at him

“I won’t be able to stop once I start, my love,” he whispered into her ear. “Are you ready for me?”

“NO !!” She shook his head “NO!!” her eyes grew wide fear.

“What did just happen? Are you feeling alright” She sat up

He gave his amused smile “Do you do this doctor thing every time?”

She looked around wildly then immediately covered herself with the bed sheet “We can’t do this. We just cant.I have to go home. They would be worried”

“Relax love. I have managed that. My friend Jagadish her informed your family that you will be away for few days”

She started to protest.

“It’s not safe for you to be out. We are trying to trace those rough wolves. They have been troubling several neighborhood packs vandalizing kidnapping females. But this time they have crossed all limits. They messed with an Alpha’s mate. I won’t leave them till I have killed them all” His voice immediately turned from sultry to livid.

“Sid but how long do I have to stay? And did you meet me Masa? “She asked

“I haven’t been to your home myself but I can find out” He replied

A knock on the door disturbed their conversation. Pratz pulled her sheet further up while Sid strode to open the door totally unashamed of his named self.

He opened the door. Had a short conversation with Vikram who was fully unobvious of Sid as if this was pretty normal phenomenon.

Pratz looked on. He came back and sat on the bed near her “We have got some leads on the roughs. I am going out with my men to investigate. I would suggest you stay in bed and take rest. I will send some of the omegas with your breakfast and extra clothes”

“Do you always prance around naked?” She asked

He laughed “We r wolves. I understand your discomfort with this. Modesty is not a custom here. Others that haven’t been around humans much may find your reactions odd,” Sid replied.

“What are omegas?”

“Omegas are the normal workers. Wolves are divided into a hirarchy.Omegas are the normal wolves something like civilians. Betas are stronger wolves they are warriors. Then the Alpha that is me”

She nodded

“Btw I will send a new phone for you. See you in evening” Placing a kiss on her mouth he went in for a shower.

Pratz collapsed on the bed and closed her eyes. She didn’t know what to do. First she had to know where Masa was.

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Bound by Fate

Chapter 7

Pratz was sobbing uncontrollably in her pillow. After Sid dropped her home. She had run into her room and cried. Why was this happening to her?
“How Could I lose control. What if I had killed him” She shuddered at the thought but was also puzzled how he remained unscathed. True that they didn’t have any real sex but that kiss…She blushed at its memory. It would have killed any normal human.
Perhaps she was wrong. Maybe some humans might not get affected so easily.
“I should talk to Maasa” She decided

Sid was at the bar…holding a 4th glass of scotch. Jagadish was sitting to him giving him a sympathetic look
“Are you drunk enough to elaborate exactly what happened?” Jagadish asked passing him another glass
“I fucked up again”
“Couldn’t keep your hands off?”
Sid grimaced
Jagadish roared in laughter “Control dude control….That’s why you should get laid more often”
“Oh stop it Jagadish” Sid said in anger
“Btw your floral was pretty pissed off”
“Did you drop her back?”
“Yeah it was difficult….she didn’t want to leave. Broke few things in your room…don’t worry nothing valuable. Then cried on my shoulders and offered me a fling. She wanted physical comfort to come out of your betrayal”
Sid spluttered on his drink. Though Floral was free to do whatever she wished but offering herself to his best friend was not something he approved of….Though he didn’t have any right to object.
“Good for you…So did you take it up?”
Now it was Jagadish turn to grimace “Heck no. I have better taste besides screwing up my best friend’s fiancée just after their break up. Come on I am might be a man whore. I am not a bastard”
Sid smiled and felt better. Jagadish was somebody he could rely on.
“Can you do me a favor?”
“Anything for you my friend” Jagadish said
“Find out everything about Pratyusha.Her past, her family, where she came from…everything. I do have general information about her but I need details…especially about her past. I have a feeling she is scared of something”
“Consider it done mate” Jagadish said


Ganga and Pratz were in the shopping mall. After a spell of bad moods and constant crying Ganga had decided that Pratz needed to get out and do something fun to improve her mood swing. The information which Pratzi her about Sid was sketchy so she had concluded that the guy was somehow responsible for her friend’s state.
They were wandering in the mall when Prazti suddenly spotted Jagadish. She froze he was the same police officer who had stopped her that day…the first day she met Sid. This meant Sid was still stalking her and had sent his men to follow her. Enraged she crushed her coke in anger.

“What have you done Pratz?” Ganga said. She turned to look at Jagadish who was sitting at the other table checking his mobile.
“Is he that guy?” She whispered at Pratz
Pratz didn’t answer but seeing her outrage Ganga guessed.
“Wait here I will be back”Ganga said
“Excuse me mister” Jagadish was interrupted by a sweet voice. He looked up and froze instantly….He was looking at the most beautiful vision he had ever seen.
“Why are you disturbing my sister?”
He barely registered her words. He was hardly breathing the world had ceased to exist except for the beautiful girl standing in front.
“Look Mr. whoever you are…You don’t mess with my sister else I will personally beat the crap out of you…do u understand?”
Not trusting his voice. He just nodded.
“Good” She gave a triumphant look and sashayed back to her table. His gaze followed her till she reached pratzi’s table and dragged her along with her.
“Shit!!” He exclaimed “That girl is Sid’s mate and that beauty is her sister!! Oh God! What a mess”


“Where is Maasa??When is she coming back?” Pratzi asked Sumitra
“Don’t know beta…She was supposed to come back today. Maybe the train got delayed”
Maasa had gone to visit their ancestral house in another state.
Pratz sighed and left for her college.
Sid was in his office. He was trying hard to concentrate on his work. His wolf was moaning. It wanted their mate. He said to himself “Not now dude”
He was suddenly interrupted by Jagadish who had rushed into his office and was not panting hard.
“What happened to you?”Sid asked
“I have to have her…She is MINE!! Please Alpha allow me to claim her” Jagadish was blabbering
“Whoa!! Hold on. Will you please explain? Who has struck your fancy now?” Sid asked amused
“No it’s real. I know it’s real. She is my mate. I can’t control my wolf…Its jumping to come out. What do I do? How do I control?”
Sid was silent as if shocked then he burst out laughing “I can’t believe it.Man whore has finally found his mate. Are you sure?”
“Yes absolutely and now I understand how you feel”
“That’s good our pack needs more of love struck wolves. Imagine all my Betas turning into love-struck Devas” He said sarcastically “Anyways who is she?”
“That’s the whole prob”
“I don’t know her name but she is your mate’s sister”
“What?? Pratyusha’s sister?? Where did you meet her?? Was Pratz with her?? Did you see her? How is
“She was sad….I could sense her sadness. She was also afraid and worried” Jagadish said
Sid closed his eyes in frustration “I have to meet her. I have to convince her that we are bonded to each other. Neither of us will be happy without each other. In fact we can’t survive for long without each other”
Jagadish looked fearful “Oh God is that how it supposed to happen? I will die if I don’t get Ganga??”
Sid laughed “Don’t worry you will get her….Now if she also as stubborn as her sister…we are both royally screwed”

The wolves were howling in the forest. Pratz left her college and walked towards the bus stand. She prayed that Sid would not come but her heart hoped that he would come. She missed him….Her heart craved for his touch…she could still feel his kiss lingering on her lips. She once just once she could feel him sliding over her body. She blushed at the image conjured in her mind. She knew it was impossible

She barely registered the tires squealing as a van pulled up beside her and hands dragged her inside.
A cloth was dragged over her eyes and her arms tied behind her. She started to scream and a hand came over her mouth and several sharp points were dug into the side of her face and neck. She tried to bite the hands but her mouth was immediately tied by a cloth. Whoever they were they knew about her abilities.

“Quiet, bitch,” was the deadly calm demand the voice made. “Condition upon delivery is up to you.”

A series of growls echoed through the crowded space.
“Throw the purse out,” a voice from the front rasped.
Her purse was unceremoniously thrown out of the Van.

They drove for what seemed like forever. At first, she just felt hands roughly grasping at her breasts and hips. Their hands became more insistent until she felt cool air on her belly and chest as her clothes were ripped away. They were not very careful with the knives they were using. Soon she felt the metal of the van’s floor digging into her side and she knew I was becoming totally exposed to these men. Tears stung her eyes and leaked around the blindfold, she their nonstop growling seemed weird as if they were not men but animals. There was some consolation that if they raped her they wouldn’t survive.
“You idiots none of that now, Don’t you know what she is??” a gravelly voice intoned.
“But master she is so beautiful and we are just touching. No harm in touching right?”

“Leave the bitch alone” came a voice from the front of the van again “If u scrape her even accidently you all are dead meat got it.Just leave her”
They protested a little then left her alone. Pratzi sighed with relief. At least they had stopped the torture. Then a cloth was placed on her nose and everything went blank.

Far away Sid suddenly jerked in her board meeting. Pratz was in danger he could feel it.
“Vikarm gather all the betas….My mate is in danger”
Jagadish looked up in surprise “What happened?”
“Pratz…there’s something wrong with parts…She is in danger…I can sense it”

“But Sid you are not yet mated how can you sense it?”
“I don’t know…I just feel it” Sid replied while continuously calling on Pratzi’s cellphone. It went to her voice mail.
Sid was now shouting and screaming all his betas…..So they were loaded into several SUVs.
“But Alpha where are we going?” Vikram asked
“Just keep driving. I know where to go” Sid replied.

Pratz opened her heavy lids. Her head was spinning. Whatever toxic they had used on her. It was very strong. She found herself in a dimly lit room. Seeing its wooden interiors she assumed that it was a cabin. She shivered it was cold in here and she was completely naked. Her hands were very sore but free now. Though her legs were still bound. She clutched at the bed sheet wrapping it around her…Trying to get some warmth. She was looking for some escape route. When the doors open.

She turned her head slightly; bright golden eyes were looking back at her.
She scrunched her eyes for a clear look

“Look what we have here?”
A man’s voice said…those creatures with golden eyes growled and yelped.
“Who are you? Where am I?” Gathering her courage Pratz asked
“That is a very important question…bitch” The man came nearer
She looked at his cruel face…He was young probably in his 40s but somehow looked ancient. She shifted back “Who are you? What do you want?”
“I am your owner. Too bad you were hidden from me all these years. But eventually I found you.Your stupid Maasa thinks herself to be smart. She can run but she can’t hide”
Fear tore through her heart “What do you mean? Where is masa? What have to done to her?”
“Don’t worry. She is at her rightful place. Unharmed till now and will remain so as long as you cooperate”
“What do you want?” Pratz said.

Her eyes were flashing blue in excitement. She wanted to tear off the man’s head. She could easily do that only if she was free.

“Do you see those creatures over there?” he pointed towards them. She turned. They were not human anymore. They moved on two legs but had the face and head of a wolf; they were covered with fur and looked like hybrid.
Her eyes grew in surprise and fright “What….what are those?”
“Wolves…werewolves to be more precise just like your boyfriend”
“WHAT?? I don’t have a boyfriend. And wolf boyfriend. I don’t understand”
“Hmmm seems like that dog didn’t tell you anything. That dog is a werewolf”
“What nonsense. Werewolves don’t exist” She spat back
“What do you see here??”
Those frightening creatures came near her and circled her. They sniffed her; rough hands stroking every inch of her skin weren’t hands holding knives, but paws with claws. The sharp points that would suddenly sink into her most sensitive areas were all the scarier now. She screamed and drew herself into a tight ball.
He shooed them away again. Coming near her he lifted her chin and whispered “They are quite dumb and r really excited by you.If I let them they will rip you into pieces. Though they will die so I have thought instead of you I will let them have your Maasa and your dear sister Ganga”

She looked at him in shock “No not Ganga…She is innocent. Where is she? Did you bring her here too?”
“Not yet but if you resist I can have her here in no time. My boys anyways need a feast”
She couldn’t stop her tears now “What do you want. I will do anything just leave my family alone”
“Now we are talking” he said in glee “Well your boyfriend Siddhartha”
“How do you know Sid? Btw he is not my boyfriend” She screamed

“Don’t interrupt. I know all about your little tryst with him in that club. He is very much taken by you, so this job will be quite easy for you.I want you to kill him!!”

She was stunned into silence. Kill Sid? How could she kill him?
“I…I can’t…I mean I am not sure. I can’t do it” She wanted to say that her kiss was ineffective over him but she decided to keep it a secret. This secret might save everyone’s life including Sid’s
“Aww true love. How painful will that be to kill your true love!? But know what I love tragedies. If you don’t kill him I will kill your family. Choice is yours”
She looked down thought for a moment then looked up “Ok I will do i.e. will Kill Sid but let my Maasa go”

“Deal” He replied

The growling bunch of wolves were outside the cabin now. She could just hear their yelps and growls. She pondered over the situation. Who was this man and how did he know about her? She needed to talk to masa soon.
“So can I go now?” She asked in a timid voice
The man laughed “No you will stay right here.Your boyfriend is on the way to rescue you” he snorted
“Sid was coming to rescue me? But how did he know?” she thought

“We have left enough scent of yours so that he can easily trace you.When he comes just tell him that you were kidnapped by the rough wolves. He will take you to his den.Rest you know how to do” He grinned
She recalled them tearing off her clothes and throwing it out of the window. They were actually making a scent trail. She was still trying to wrap her head about Sid being a wolf. She gave him a disgusted look
“Don’t ever mention about our deal else you know what will happen”

She nodded.

He left her shivering in the cabin. She heard the sound of screeching tires then deathly silence. Her nose was running with the cold and she was shivering almost uncontrollably.

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Bound by fate Ch 6

Pratz cursed herself for the nth time. Why was she here? To tell him that I am not interested but that won’t discourage him.
“Ok let me think of a convincing excuse Mr. Siddhartha I am engaged. Yes that will do the trick “She smiled to herself in glee.
By the time she reached “Passion” “What a tacky name for a club” She mumbled she had concocted an elaborate story about her nonexistent fiancée.
She deliberately arrived 2 hours late. As soon as she entered the staff fell over themselves to serve her “Well this place is known for its hospitality”
“Mam Mr. Sid is waiting for you in the lounge area”
She raised her eyebrows in surprise “Mr. Hot Shot seems to be rolling in money…whatever” She had carefully chosen her most conservative dress, jeans and full sleeved top with a high neckline. She wanted to portray a frigid-not- interested look. If her body didn’t betray her she would get rid of him soon. Lost in her thoughts she didn’t realize she had already arrived in an exclusive looking dining area.
She was surprised to see no other customers there except the gorgeous man sitting on the bar. His face broke into a wide grin and Pratz froze “How can somebody be so gorgeous” She thought “It’s unfair”

Taking her hands in his warm hand she said “I knew you would come”

She replied “That’s one of the cheesiest pickup line…is that the best you could come up with?”
He laughed “No I really mean it…I knew you would come”
“We are attached by invisible strings don’t you feel it?” He gave his typical smirk
“I have no idea what you are talking about” She grumbled “Anyways FYI this is our second normal conversation and you are already getting on my nerves would please elaborate what do you want from me?”

He laughed “I don’t want anything from you in fact on the contrary I want to give you…I don’t know how to explain” He bowed his head and then looking deep in her eyes he said “I just want to protect you, cherish you, fulfill all your dreams. I know it sounds corny but that’s how I feel. Believe me I have never said this to anyone before but that’s how I feel about you….about us”

She swallowed a lump. How was she supposed to counter that? His confessions tore her heart. Trying not to cry she blurted “Thanks for such flattery but I am already engaged”
He raised his eyebrows “Really? I don’t see a ring on you”

She fumbled “I mean it’s not a formal engagement but it’s kind of fixed…you know my maasa fixed and I am quite happy with it…And… So we are not going to happen…” She looked at his smirk and realized that she was blabbering
“Oh stop it Sid” She said angrily

He held her hand and jerked her towards him so that she was trapped in his vice like arms “What are you afraid of?”
His voice was barely a whisper “You don’t trust me? I can take it slow…we can just date, get to know each other better…hmm?”
She was trapped in his eyes…she noticed now they were not really black but dark pools of chocolate brown. Her eyes flashed blue “Your eyes change color” he said casually

“Flashing color of death” Ganga used to say it jokingly. Venom ran in her bloodstream giving a bluish sheen to her eyes…whenever she experienced string emotional surge they used to turn bluer giving an illusion of her eyes changing color.

“I can’t do it Sid. It just won’t work. Please understand just forget it” She said in a whisper
“Why Pratz? Are you scared of being hurt? I will never hurt you. I promise”

She chuckled “Hurting her…rather he shld be concerned about hurting himself” she thought

“Why did you laugh?” He asked
She entangled herself from her grasp and paced in frustration “You don’t know anything Sid” She shook her head in frustration “I wish I could explain”

“See if it’s something related to you past I don’t care. I am only concerned with your future. Which is definitely with me?”

“Excuse me?? Are you trying to say I don’t have a choice? Just because you have taken fancy to me I have to agree to whatever you say?” Her feminist avatar was out

He smirked “No I don’t mean that. Your heart knows the truth isn’t it?”

She bit her lips. He was right she could not escape him. He was like a magnet continuously pulling her towards him.

“I am starved?? How about you?” He said suddenly

She blinked at him “what?”

“I am hungry. I called you for a dinner date and it’s about time” he said casually as if nothing happened

She looked at him annoyed “How can you think of food right now?? Aren’t we supposed to be arguing?”

“Well we can continue with that later. I can’t stop normal body functions for that besides it’s a waste not to eat that lovely steak” He said eying the table.

She looked at him dumbstruck and followed him to the table. He pulled out a chair for her before joining her.

“Do you always do that?” She asked

“Do what?” He said
“Suddenly change the topic”
“No only when I am hungry” he winked

In spite of her annoyance she laughed. They dined and she actually enjoyed talking to him. They talked about mundane stuff. For the first time she actually felt relaxed. She looked at the beautiful man talking animatedly about his passion for football.
She felt a tinge of pain…..”If only….”

He suddenly stopped as if reading her mind he asked are you ok

“Yeah I’m fine why?”

“You look sombre.But I know a very good way to lighten up your mood”

He got up with a swirl and offered his hand “Would the lovely lady accept my offer for a dance”

She burst into laughter “What the hell is this…19th century?”
He grinned “I don’t care what century it is as long as you are with me.Btw 19th century was not that great.”

“And how do you know that?”

“Will tell you sometime. Now let’s go”

She didn’t realize what she was doing impulsively she accepted his hand as if that was the most natural thing to do. And then they danced….He spun her around but kept her hands in his so that he could pull her back in his chest. Though he towered over her she didn’t feel intimidated and they swayed in perfect rhythm…
She laughed probably for the first time she laughed in abandon….it was one of those few moments when she felt normal.
“I Have to go now” She suddenly said looking at the clock

“Let me drop you” He said
“No its fine besides I got my car”

“I will get it dropped at your place. Please I insist let me drop you”
She opened her mouth to protest but he dismissed her…..
She was seething by the time they were in the car.

Grumbling silently she looked out of the window.

“Someone is angry” He said
“What do you think of yourself Mr. Stalker. I don’t want to be here…I don’t know you and I definitely don’t need a babysitter….will you stop this Gotham controlling attitude”

He smirked “It’s not control its manner a gentleman never lets his lady go unescorted in the dead of the night. I would have done the same thing for anyone”

“And when did I become your lady? I…..I don’t want this…”
She wanted to complete the sentence with an asshole but her mouth was suddenly crushed by his lips warm lips massaged her trying to coax them open. Shocked she tried to keep them closed and pushed at his rock hard chest. He grabbed her wrists in one hand and held the back of her head with another to hold it in position. She gasped at the onslaught. This gave him the opportunity to slip his tongue into her inviting mouth. She was helpless now. Her body and mind both trapped in his grip. The hand in her hairs slowly descended down her neck resting on her breast. He squeezed them.
Releasing her wrists he trailed his other hand down snaking it around her waist bringing her closer. Now they were stuck like glue. He hands were free now but instead of resisting it had gone around his neck clutching his hairs responding to his ferocious kiss. He tasted like red wine and very male.
They continued their tryst entangled into each other. He pushed her top from the fold of her jeans and snaked his hands under it, pushing aside thin wisp of her bra he plucked her already sensitive nipples. She arched her back to give him better access. He caressed and massaged them….a moan escaped her lips. This seemed to encourage him more and his ministrations turned more ferocious.
She left his hairs and clutched his strong arms. Her top was now totally off her. He left her lips and looked at her. His eyes were wild with desire “beautiful… are absolutely beautiful”
He bent his head took one puckered sensitive nub in his mouth….She froze as his mouth sucked on her breast.

“NO!! STOP IT” She screamed
He immediately stopped his eyes searching her face for answers “I can’t do this. I don’t know you, why don’t you understand we can’t”

She flushed and pushed him off her. Pulling on her top she covered herself. He made her feel angry n needy both at the same time.

Sid straightened up. He could still feel her arousal but now there were hints of fear in her.

“Why Pratz? Are you afraid of me?”

Ignoring his question she peered at him…then pressed her hands on his forehead “Are you alright? Do you feel dizzy?”
Puzzled he replied “I’m fine. Why? Is it some medical thing? Do I look ill?”

She continued to probe him muttering to herself “I shld not have done this. This is so wrong.You seem fine….but how?”
Exasperated he held her shoulders n said “I am not feeling dizzy, nor sick, I’m perfectly fine…well not perfectly I’m still heady because of you not to mention extremely turned on but…..oh well….no damage done….what’s wrong with you?”

She bit her lips and still looked unconvinced “Are you sure?”

“YES I am sure. Are you fine.You don’t look too good yourself. What is going on pratz.Please tell me”

“Sid I don’t want you to die. We can’t happen.You don’t know anything about me.You have no idea about my past. Just let it go”

“Just tell me what’s going on damm it”

“I Can’t Sid” Her eyes were tinged with tears now. That immediately sobered him up. Impulsively he took her in his arms stroking her hairs “Please don’t be upset. I will never hurt you.You know that right”. He whispered in her ears.

“I Know Sid. For some strange reason I know you won’t am worried about you. I don’t want you being hurt”
Sid’s brows were furrowed in deep thoughts. Something or someone was scaring her. He had to find out what.
The stranger was laughing hysterically. This was getting better than his plan. The animal had willingly walked into the trap. He clapped his hand called his man “tomorrow we strike. Be prepared”

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Bound by Fate ch- 5

Ganga’s mouth fell in surprise when Pratz arrived dishevelled and aparently in a very bad mood. She stomped around in anger, took off her oversized jacket and threw it on floor. Then she proceeded to kick and trample it.


Ganga came rushing to her “Pratz wat are you doing.Why are you trampling this jacket and what happned to your top? Did you get in a fight again?”


“NO ! But I wish I did. I hate him….what does he think of himself….asshole”


Ganga looked at her bewildered “Who ? whom are you talking about ?” Picking up the coat she exclaimed ” Its a male jacket !! What’s happening pratz ?”


“I dont know.I dont want this.I dont want him in my life” Pratz broke down

“Come…lets go in your room and get you fixed before ma sees you”


Dragging pratz who was still crying….She filled her bath and forced pratz into it. The hot bath seemed to relax her.Her crying subsided though she still looked tensed

“Would you like to talk about it ?” Ganga asked gently

“I m cursed” Pratz sighed

“Why do you think so ? You are tensed about some guy isnt it?”


“This sat I met a man in the club. He is unlike any man I have ever seen.Whenever I m with him he is the only thing I can look or think about.I dont know whats wrong with me.He is so dominating and obnoxious I hate him yet I cant really hate him.You know what I mean ”


Ganga laughed “Girl you are in love”

Pratz looked at her in disgust ” I am not !! I can never love that asshole”

Ganga rolled her eyes “Pratz theres nothing wrong in falling in love.Its a normal human feeling”

” I m not human !!” Pratz almost screamed “Dont you know wht I am capable of ? Just one kiss and he would die the most painful death. I m a monster Ganga I m not supposed to fall in love.Wat can I give anyone except death”

Ganga was dumbfounded. Pratz never revealed her dark side.She was very careful in her daily intractions with people.Most people assumed that she was a neatness freak but the fact was her body fluid was lethal.

Pratz and Ganga grew up like sisters, sometimes she forgot that Pratz was not normal.

“So what will you do now?” Ganga asked in a shaky voice

“Run away from him.I cant hurt him”

“But you will break his heart”

” A broken heart is still better than death” Pratz answered.


Sid was restless n his wolf was grumpy they both needed her.He had messed up again.It was hard to keep his hands to himself around her.

“Alpha” A voice broke his thoughts

Vikram was there with an ancient looking book ” The concil chief has sent this book for you”.


“Ok keep it on my desk” Sid looked at the old book. It seemed to be book of fables.He wondered why council chief had sent him this. He decided to go through it right now anything to keep him distracted from her.


“There were fables about werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters all sorts of magical creatures which had terrorised and facinated humans.Some of them were real though hidden from humans.

Flipping through the book he reached a chapter about “Vishkanyas”

“Vishkanyas were poison girls who were specially created to assasinate important people. Beautiful baby girls were chosen from all over the kingdom. They were given a royal upbringing and tutored in 64 arts. Along with this they also received something deadly. Small doses of poison were given in their diet.As they grew the dose was gradually increased.Most died but those who survived were immuned to all deadly poisons but they were themselves fatal to other humans.Their beauty and charm had a magical quality but their bite was enough to kill strongest of men.

They were prefect weapons to kill discreetly.This practise was discontinued after the fall of Maurya empire but Many people presume this tradition was never stopped it just went underground like others”


Sid finished reading, his mind was processing the information.Those 5 men….could it be job of a vishkanya ? But why ? They were more like hired assassins why would they randomly kill few thugs? He wasnt even sure if the killer was indeed a vishkanya.

“Perhaps I should talk to the council head” He thought.

He looked at his watch n smiled.It was almost time. It was saturday and he was going to meet HER.His wolf howled in excitement.

A knock disturbed his happy mood. Vikram came in looking apologetic

“This better be good vikram”


“Forgive me alpha but Miss Floral is here and she has refused to go unless u meet her.I tried to convince her that you were busy but ….”

Sid held up his hand “Let her in”

“We anyways need to talk” He thought

His wolf grunted in anger.It was eager to meet their mate.

“Darling I missed you ” Floral sprinted into the room.She was bundled in too tight silk dress which revealed ample clevage.Taking him in a bearhug she grinned her typical toothy grin.

Wiggling out of her bearhug he said “I appreciate your gesture but this is not the right time.I have to tell you something”

“My wolfie was missing me? I cant wait anymore just take me right now”

“Floral wait….We need to talk….”

He didnt finish his sentece.He found himself pushed on the bed buried under her ample breasts.His wolf leaped out in anger.Floral felt him slipping out.A big black wolf was standing beside her bed growling in anger.

“My wolfie wants to play ? Shld I transform too” She cooed in arguably seductive voice.The wolf cringed.

“I better get undressed.Dont wanna spoil my new dress”

“ENOUGH” Sid was back in his human form….gloriously naked and extreamly pissed off.Nudity was not a taboo for them.They were used to changing from wolf to humans and vice versa clothes were usually casuality in these transformations.

She blinked her false eye lashes “Whats wrong Sid?”

He sighed “I found my true mate.Its all over for us”

Her already large eyes popped out in ashtonishment “What do u mean ? I am your mate”

” You know we are not.Does your wolf agree ? You know how this works isnt it ? I cant be with anyone else except her.The mating pull is too strong.If I force myself my wolf will turn rough and attack you.I dont wanna hurt you”

“But what about our engagement ? Are you sure about this ?”

“I am 100% sure.We had an agreement till one of us found our mate.I could have been either of us.What if this happned after we were wedded ? What if you found your true mate ?? Godess Luna has saved us from heartbreaks.This is best for us”

” But what if its a trap.You are a powerful Alpha it could be magic.You know witchcraft…”

Sid laughed “Humans r not aware that we exist.And witchcraft dosent affect us.Its not a trap.She is mine”

“YOU ARE DUMPING ME FOR A HUMAN!!” she bellowed in anger “I m the daughter of most powerful alpha you cant just dump me”

“I am not dumping you….we were never meant to be”

She was shaking in anger “You will play for this Sid”

Sid sighed in exasperation this was more messy than his assumption”Luna saved us from a miserable future floral. Go home…calm down n think about it”

“You dont tell me what to do…” She spat in anger.

They stared at each other neither of them ready to back out.


” Oops! I Guess I arrived at wrong time”

Sid was diatracted by the newely arrived Jagadish.His eyes were constantly shifting from naked Sid to dishevelled Floral.

“Actually you are right on time.Please escort miss Floral to her place.I have other plans”

” You are going to see her isnt it?” Floral spat.

Sid sighed in exasperation. This was getting messier than he presumed.

“We will talk later floral”.Jagadish winked at him and took  away reluctant floral with him.

Sid ran his fingers through his hairs and looked at his shredded shirt and jeans “I better change its almost time… but would she come ?”He thought to himself “Well if she dosent turn up. I will find her and keep her with me till she is convinced that she is mine” He thought with a determined look. jeans “I better change its almost time… but would she come ?”He thought to himself “Well if she dosent turn up. I will find her and keep her with me till she is convinced that she is mine” He thought with a determined look.

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Bound by fate – Ch 4

From the shadows his eyes followed her. So this was the one Kalyani devi might think herself to be clever but the fact was she could never outsmart him. They were just weapons after all a very deadly weapon. How did she imagine that she could change this little girl’s destiny ?
Like all woman of their kind she was equisite which was an important requirement. Juicy beautiful flowers attracts most insects.

Sid was having hard time controlling his wolf. It was almost to the surface. For depriving him off their mate. When her scent wafted toward him his wolf had stood in attention. He was forced to follow the intoxicating musk and her first view !! He couldnt describe the feeling. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He slim figure and lovely face entrapped him. And those eyes ! those lovely beautiful dark cobalt eyes. He was sure she could feel the mating pull too.
His wolf had screamed “MINE”
His first impulse was to grab her and take her right there but his human side prevailed. He didnt want to frighten her. But couldnt resist following her n taking a taste of her.
She was just prefect.
Right now his wolf was pacing in anger. When he had held her he could smell her fear, confusion and Arousal…She wanted him too “All in a good time mate” Sid said to himself.
Pratz dashed through the crowd.She wanted to get away as soon as possible.She ran into her car and started the ignition. She drove at a speed she didnt usually drive. He had shaken her soul, awakening feelings she didnt even know ever existed in her.
She was angry at herself for being so impulsive.That was a new thing for her.
Her thought were broken when she saw a police car following her.
She looked at her speedometer which was way above the normal speed limit.
“Shit ! As if things could go any worse” She thought.
She slowed down and stopped her car.
The police car stopped and a tall good looking officer walked towards her.
She rolled down her windows and blabbered “I m sorry.I was in a hurry n didnt realise tht I m speeding. I m not drunk either”.

He smiled and kneeled on the car window “He really worked you up isnt it?”

“Yes.. I hav never felt so…..wait a min how do you know …. ?”
He gave a mischivious laugh “Dont drive so fast. That will really work him up”

Pratz stared at him in disbelief “WTF ! Does whole town know about this ? Who is this Mr tall dark n handsome?” She thought.
The officer went back without answering.
Pratz drove off at relatively slower speed and realised that the police car was following her.It followed her till she reached her home….

“Are you absolutely sure?” Jagadish asked Sid
Sid stopped his restless pacing and looked at him in anger “For God’s sake YES….I am sure she is my mate.I can feel the pull. Her scent…her body….Gosh it was maddning. I am sure she feels it too”

Jagadish smirked “Well thts a good news as well as bad news….ur pack will finally get the alpha female but wat abt floral now?”

Sid’s face suddenly dimmed like a fused bulb….Wolves mate for life. They imprint on their mates and then stick together forever. However its not uncommon for some wolves to remain without their life mate….For some it took a long while to find their mate. In these situations many of them would form arranged couples.
Sid was the Alpha and he had remained mateless for a long time. Personally he didnt belive in this mating bullshit.
Floral was daughter of a powerful Alpha from another pack. A long time ago after years of bloody fights the packs had found a council and put an end to internal skirmishes.
It was start of a peaceful time for the warewolves. To strenthe this they had decided to form alliances. Sid’s father was one of those leaders. He had promised Sid and Floral’s marriage incase both of them failed to find their true mates.
Although Sid’s wolf howled in scorn he was bound to floral…..until now.
He had found his true mate. And his wolf would never accept anyone else expect that mysterious cobalt eyed girl.
Sid said “I will explain to her. Our engagement was only valid till either of us found our true mate because mating bond cannot be broke. Even Floral’s father understands this. Its a minor hitch for now I am more worried about that girl”
He was interrupted by a call. Seeing his chief beta calling he picked it up “Yes Vikram?”

“Alpha I have found everything about her.She is new here.her family arrived barely 6 months back.She is a student in medical college and her name is Pratyusha”

“Pratyusha” He repeated her name “Lovely name for a lovely person” He thought.
“Thanks Vikram. That is all for now”
Jagadish looked at his friend’s beaming face “So ? wats the news?”

“I am going to college?” Sid said
“what?? Arent you too old for that? something like 100?”
“I am going to Pratyusha’s college”
“who is this pratyusha?”
“Your Bhabhi” Sid laughed and left leaving behind a puzzled Jagadish

It was dark by the time Pratz left from her college. Being a medical student she was used to irratic schedules and travelling slone never frightened her except for the fact that Maasa had warned her against getting into trouble. She looked up at the dark cloudy sky
“Shit !! again rain” She thought “I am fed up of this rain”
She sighed and walked towards the bus stop.She had barely reached the bus stand when suddnely a car screeched next to her at maddening speed. Startled she looked at it and almost screamed in horror he was there !!
She could never forget that man…his scorching eyes and tht sexy smile…She had been waking up shivering from wicked erotic dreams ever since that night.
He gave his wide toothy smile and she gulped some air “Y..You? here?”
He nodded “I am sorry I scared you but We need to talk”
“Why? Why are you here? and how did you find me?”
“Too many questions. Please come with me we are blocking the whole traffic”
“No way….I dont wanaa talk to you. Just go away”

He sighed “We need to talk and you very well know that. Its better that you come in else I will have to carry you inside”
She looked at him in anger “What the….I dont want to see your face. Just go away”
“You dont really mean that” he grinned
She sighed in exasperation “What do you want?”

“I just want to talk. Please come inside its anyways going to rain.I give you my word you wont be harmed” He spoke with such sincerity that inspite of her misgiving she believed him though a tiny part of her brain mocked her she really wanted to be with him…there was something pulling her to him.

Ignoring her inner consciousness she entered his car. His face beamed and he drove off.
After few minutes of silence while he drove she said “So?”

He turned towards her that naughty smile still pasted on his face “So?”
She raised her eyebrows “I presume you wanted to talk?”
“Do you always work late ?”
“Is tht why you wanted to meet me…to dicsuss my schedule?”
“Its not safe”

“I m a medical student.I have irratic schedule…..its none if your fucking business” She screamed
“Wow !! you are a healer” He said and looked genuinely impressed

She gave him a puzzled look “Look Mr who ever you are…I dont know why I m here. Why are you stalking me. Why did you send police to follow me. Whats you intrest in me?”
He stopped the car by the side and turned towards her
“I m Siddharth n my intrest in you is hard to explain”
“Wat do you mean hard to explain ?”
He opened his mouth to say something then stopped “Oh fuck it ” He muttered
Suddenly she was encased in his arms .She tried to push him away but his rock solid frame did budge an inch.She felt his lips near her ears murmering soothing words and his hands gently stroked her back. She felt herself melting. He sensed her resistance breaking and gently loosened his grip and brushed her cheeks with his lips….He was trying hard to keep tab on his wolf….one wrong move and he could break her.
brushing away a lock of hair from her face he gently pressed his lips towards her. Sensing his approach she immediately turned her head forcing his lips to land on her neck. He didnt mind the diversion. He kissed her neck and caressed the sensitive skin .She forgot all about caution as her hands automatically snaked around his neck her finger lost in his curls.
His wolf wanted to howl in happiness. He trailed a line of kisses down her throat, when he reached the pulse beating madly at the base of her throat….He licked her pulse. His wolf nodded in appreciation
She shuddered and clutched at his hairs tighter. His touch was sending jolts of electricity in her body
A low growl escaped his throat and his assult on her neck grew more aggressive. His wolf was jumping to get a bite of her but he pressed him down. This was not the right time for that.
He kissed and caressed her neck and slipped further down. His hands slipped under her top and and reached her breast. He took her sensitive peaks between his fingers and stroked them with his rough hands and she buckled backwards a moan escaped her lips.
Looking up he smiled…and decided to capture those luschious lips.
He held the back of her neck and pressed his lips to hers
She froze. All passion escaped from her as the reality sunk in. She shld not be doing this at all infact she should not have been here at all….And she shld not kiss anyone ever !!
She tried to turn her head but he held it in his iron grasp.

She pressed her hands to his chest and pushed hard. Suddenly she heard a ripping sound.
In his excitement Sid didnt realise his claws had elongated and in his struggle to hold her he had ripped the back of her blouse to shreds.
Horrified he immediatly left her and wthdrew his claws before she could spot them.
Now disentangled she looked at her ripped top and looked at him in anger and cultched desperately at the shreds trying to cover herself “How did you?? what have you done !! is that why you wanted to meet me ? I dont want to stay with for even a minute”
Sid looked guiltily and said “I…..I am sory I didnt mean to infact I didnt mean to do any of this….but…wait Pratyusha you cant go out like this” He said when she tried to open the car door.

She stopped and peered at him with narrowed eyes “How do you know my name?”
He sighed “I know everything which I need to know. Look I am really sorry” He took off his jacket and put it on her shoulders “please take it”
She wanted to scream and punch but decided it was better to take his offer

“I want to go home” she said suddenly
“But we need to talk” He said almost pleading
“Not today please. I am extreamly tired and I cnat think right now. I am sure I dont need to tell you my address” she said
He nodded internally cursing himself and trying to forget the image of her half naked body else he would lose control once again.
He drove in silence after reaching her house he said “meet me at the same club this saturday”
She replied “I wont be coming”
He laughed “We’ll see. Good night Pratyusha and please take care of yourself for me”
She spent a good 15 mins staring the road long after he had departed. His masculine scent engulfing her
“Why God why ? I cant resist him being with him will kill him” she said to herself

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Bound by Fate – Ch 3

Maasa was sitting in a pensive mood.

“Are you ok Maasa”

“Come in Sumitra” She said. Sumitra was like mother to Pratz.She had never seen her real mother. Sumitra was a governess com adoptive mother.

“You look worried”
“I should be. Pratz is going to be 20 next month. I have kept her hidden till now. I have lost too mnay loved ones my own daughter among them. I cant lose Pratz. I want her to lead a normal life. Not the life of an assassin”
“But Maasa you know she cant be normal. I mean she can never marry or have children”
“I know. She is a living death. There’s no human who can stay alive after touching her. But I just hope that God may bring in some miracle. If she cant have a normal family atlest she should be strong enough to live on her own. I should have never allowed her to be initiaed but its too late to regret now. That child has a short temper. You know she killed few guys again”
Sumitra winced. Though she loved Pratz dearly but she was scared and disapproved of her dark side. She was a normal mortal afterall.Serving one of the deadliest freaks of nature was not easy.

“Maasa !! thts serious !! I mean there wont be any trouble right?”
“I hope not. I have called bahadur to look keep an eye on the legal aspects. The cause of death should never go out else they will come for her. I cant let history repeat itself”
“Maasa I will talk to Pratz. I will ask her to control herself”.
Sid was in his office looking at few property papers. He owned several businesses in town which supported the pack as well as provided employment to the pack members. It also helped them mingle with humans.A knock broke his reverie. Without looking up he said “come in”

“Someone’s really busy” a jovial voice called out to him
He looked up to find his right hand beta and best friend Jagadish grinning at him.

Sid gave an amused smile and asked “what brings you here”

“Nothing much. We have date”


“I mean you have a date…I mean you must have a date.When was the last time you got laid?” Jagadish asked with a mischivious grin

Sid looked annoyed “why sudden intrest in my sex life?”

“You dont have a sex life…atleast not like me anyways”

“You are a man whore !! anyways did you find out about those murders?”

“No much…for the police its open and shut case. They concluded they died due to drug overdose”

Sid furrowed his eyebrows and looked thoughtful.His wolf was very restless today.It wanted to run as if it could sense something coming.

Jagadish shook him “Come on bro…Get a life…Its been ages since we had some fun ”

Sid sighed “Alright ! where are we going?”

“You are asking me? You the owner of the best club in the city !!” He laughed

Sid shook his head “Ok Lets hit the bar”

Pratz was sitting on a bar stool and casually sipping her soda…She was not very fond of alcohol but liked the hustle and bustle of the bar.It was her friend’s birthday. For her friends and colleagues she was a normal human. She liked to feel normal even though it entailed some unwanted attention.
Her mysterious hypnotic beauty attracted men like moth to fire.
“Hi I had been looking for u all over there” she heard someone say.
She turned to find her friend’s cousin grinning at her. He had been hitting on her since they arrived at the club.
She gave him an enigmatic smile “I was always here. You should have looked carefully”

The guy seemed to beam he started off in a chatter.

Sid went straight towards the bar. His over sensitive nose was bombarded with all sorts of scents…alcohol, sweat, perfumes, cheap deo….Then it hit him. A sweet musky scent. His wolf stood in attention.Then is came again. A faint musky scent….He felt a sudden urge to follow the scent.

Pratz took another sip of her soda while Raj?? probably that was his name droned on. She was regretting getting into a conversation with him. She had a sudden feeling that she was being watched.Then she caught his eyes and her breath stopped midway.
“What a beatiful man !!” she thought. Then furrowed her brow at her impulsive thought. She was used to male attention but it first time that some male caught her attention.catching her eyes his lips twitched into a smirk…
“So I was telling…tht my car is worth 30 lakhs….” Raj cotinued his blabbering.
Her eyes locked with the stranger she finished her drink in one gulp….”I need something stronger” She mumbled.

His eyes twinked and his smirk grew bigger. As if he heard her.
Annoyed she averted her eyes “Who the hell is he?”.She looked at him again…He was not just looking, He was staring with enough intensity to make her feel naked…
She adjusted the slit in her skirt. Then it became a game for her. She looked at the man over Raj’s shoulders every few minutes.
He was very tall with slick shiny black hairs…His face was all angular planes with strong jawline.
She could not see his muscles but seeing his built she presumed he would be a extreamly well built.

Unknowingly she blushed then got annoyed at her stupidity.He had an air of authority and the staff seemed to fawn over him.
“So Mr tall dark and Handsome is well known here” She thought.
Pratz had completly lost track of Raj….the stranger smiled most of the time but when Raj reached out to hold her hand his eyes hardened and she could see hint of anger in them.
She withdrew her hand and saod to Raj “Execuse me I need to visit the restroom” without waiting for his answer she ran towards a maze of corridors.
The bathroom was like an art deco with a huge central area and full body size mirrors.Thankfully the restroom was completely empty. Placing her hands on the sink she tried to catch her erratic breath.Suddenly she was not alone.she heard the clasp of latch and the tall dark stranger was standing beside her.
She squeaked in surprise “Execuse me this is ladies room”

He just smirked and held her shoulders in his tight grasp.She cld feel the cold tiles behind her.She was trapped.Her eyes flashed blue in excitement. She could eaily kill him with one bite but strangely she didnt want to. Not this beautiful speciman of a man anyways.

“Let me go you are playing with fire” She spat in anger.

He grinned “I would love to burn in this fire” He traced her cheeks with his fingure sending fire till the pit of her stomach.

Close up he smelled leather and spice.It was intoxicating her senses.Catching hold of herself she opened her mouth to scream. He immediately placed his hands on her mouth muffling her scream.
She was confused and terrified. He gently nuzzled her neck as if breathing in her scent his 5 oclock shadow scraped her skin sending jolts in her body. His hands moved on her low back dress. When it reached her breasts she gasped and searched his face. what was his intention?

He smiled and left her mouth. As she slipped from his grasp he said ” You are so perfect”. There was not malice in his eyes. Infcat he looked at her adoringly. Placing a chaste kiss on her foreheard he said “We’ll meet again”

He turned and left as fast as he had come in.Breathless she stared after him for few minutes.
“I must leave immediately” She thought. She was not made for this.She was not made for normal love. Not tht she wanted to kill him but he didnt know he had escaped within an inch from loosing his life.

She gathered her things, mumbled an aplology to Raj and her friend and ran towards her car. She had to run before he saw her again.

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